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Testimonials & Reviews from Agents

“Greg's presentation was a life changing event”

Tomiya G | Licensed Agent

"Greg has created a great foundational training!"

Dawn W | Licensed Agent

"Greg’s information is relevant and innovative."

Ben G | Licensed Agent

“Greg and his team are awesome and I would recommend them for any agents.”

Alicia S | Licensed Agent

“Anyone wanting to take their game to the next level needs to learn from Greg!”

Yaveth P | Licensed Agent

“Greg is a superb coach, and a marvelous communicator.”

Flora M | Licensed Agent

"Looking forward to a successful future building my business with you."

David C | Licensed Agent

“Greg, you have knocked it out of the park for me with this marketing workshop! This will completely change my business!”

Jann F | Licensed Agent

“I wish I had found you earlier in my real estate career. Thanks for all you do.”

Bill R | Licensed Agent

“I like his straight forward bottom line approach and the tools and psychology he incorporates for successful outcomes.”

Cathy S | Licensed Agent

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About Our Luxury Real Estate Coaching Program

Are You Ready to Take Your Real Estate Business to The NEXT LEVEL?

Join hundreds of successful agents that have used our coaching program as a launchpad into the Luxury Real Estate market, dominating the local competition and providing incredible value for their clients…all while making an incredible living.

Our Luxury Real Estate Coaching Program leverages battle-tested formulas, strategies and actionable tactics honed over decades and PROVEN to deliver results.

There is only one of you, and time is money. 

Make sure you’re allocating your time and resources in a way that maximizes profit, increases revenue, and builds a network of affluent clients eager to connect you with their friends, family and colleagues.

Luxury Real Estate Coaching  

Comprehensive and Hands-On Training that Delivers

Skip the fluff and roll up your sleeves. Our luxury real estate coaching program takes you on a deep dive into the world of affluent and high net worth clientele. 

Discover the secrets and proven techniques that have helped our graduates connect with and earn the business of affluent clients looking to buy or sell properties worth millions.

The Best Real Estate Coaching? – we think so, and so do our students

Since its launch, our luxury real estate program has earned high acclaim from seasoned industry professionals and new entrants to the profession alike.

We put our money where our mouth is, having successfully coached over 30,000 real estate agents around the USA. Bringing more than 18+ years of experience to the table, lead coach Greg Luther has earned a reputation as a thought leader and highly sought after educator in the industry.

He has worked in the trenches, practicing what he preaches, earning him a seat among the most successful real estate agents in the country, having earned millions and sold hundreds of homes.

As an owner of several brokerages across the USA, Luther keeps his thumb on the ever-evolving pulse of the market, constantly testing and innovating to bring his coaching students incredible value.

What Does Our Luxury Real Estate Coaching Program Cover? 

Quick Overview:

  • Innovative insights on current market trends 
  • Unique insights based on real-world practice
  • Battle-tested, proven formulas to achieve success in the luxury market
  • Actionable tactics used by students to earn millions and close more clients
  • Access to industry insider information from a thought leader with a proven track record as one of the best agents in the nation

Everything you Need to Succeed 

We leave no stone unturned. This program gives you unprecedented access to the tools, resources and education needed to elevate your real estate business and achieve incredible results.

Get instant access to live event recordings, featuring ‘insider’ information presented in the Luxury Agent Mastery Private Event. Uncover tactics you can implement today to immediately start working with high-net-worth clients.

Get the EXACT blueprint we have used to earn millions in real estate commissions. This ‘game plan’ will give you a play by playbook of strategies to overcome challenges, break down barriers and get more clients quickly, consistently and reliably.

With instant online access, you’ll always be connected to the resources you need, at home or on the go.

Premier Luxury Marketing Certification 

The days of ‘if you build it they will come’ are long gone. In today’s hyper-competitive luxury real estate market, you need to be a master of marketing.

Skip the learning curve and save yourself from costly pitfalls by leveraging our proven systems and processes. We provide comprehensive coverage of high-performance marketing concepts and channels that produce reliable and impressive ROI.

This certification will put you in 1% of agents nationwide to have this designation.

Learn how to build and GROW your real estate business and network of affluent clients while maximizing the efficiency of operations to reach your full potential.

Mindset Shift: think luxury

Many agents who come to our program have to ‘unlearn’ certain approaches, concepts, strategies and approaches. This takes a mindset shift that has been preventing you from connecting with and earning the trust and respect of affluent clients. This critical component will ensure you are meeting the right clients in the right way.

Eager to Work With Affluent Clients, and Reach your Maximum Earning Potential?

The real estate career of your dreams is just one coaching program away.