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Can you believe it’s already February? I’ve been busier than ever before and I hope you have as well. It seems that I always hear one side of the spectrum or other when I speak to agents. Either they’ll say January was a record month for them or they’ll let themselves off the hook by saying “January is always slow for me”.

It’s certainly not slow for the title companies! Deals are closing every dang day so you need to be getting your share of them!

Remember, the clients you attract this month may not even close within the first quarter of 2019 so the truth is, you may be getting behind the 8 ball already and you’ll need to kick it into high gear.

I’ve seen countless agents that are able to close more transactions in one month than they did the entire previous quarter. I’m sure you’ve done that yourself at some time or another. But what if you could do that next month? What if you put in such a focused effort in February that March would be more fruitful than the previous 3 or 4 months combined?

What would it take for that to happen for you? Do you have a list of old leads we could reactivate to get a couple of motivated prospects to pop out? What about your current marketing? Are you meeting with FSBO’s at least 3 times per week? How’s the expired campaign working for you? Should we beef up the ad spend on your Facebook marketing? Are you using the free services on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist? What about your No Money Down campaign? Is that in place and generating at least 3 to 5 calls every single day?

These are the types of questions I generally ask on a monthly coaching call with one of our members because the small steps they take forward to implement each of these things are what separate the doers from the dreamers.

The answers to these questions will determine if the agent will make a major and immediate turn-around, or if they’ll go another month without drastically EXCEEDING their goals.

Truth be told, 2019 will slip away from some agents so quickly they don’t know what hit them. I hope it’s your competition that experiences it, not you. Meanwhile, other agents will get rid of distractions and get a daily tasks list so that everything they do is dollar productive?

Your thought process should be centered around all of the things you can do to create a BIG month for yourself beginning right now. As you start to come up with the marketing campaigns you’ll put in place, you can simply add them to your marketing calendar and commit to getting them completed.

This is the time to get focused. Stay away from “busy work” that just makes you feel like you are doing something. Help more families and get your message out there consistently.

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