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If you’ve been to some of our live events in the past, you’ve heard from countless agents that are listing dozens of homes utilizing our special FSBO approach. It’s actually pretty simple, you go to the site to get dozens of FSBO’s in your area and you call them with the simple 3 question script.

We’ve found that when executed properly, agents are securing appointments with approximately 60% (+/-) of the homeowners they can get on the phone with.  That’s a HUGE number but those numbers will only ring true for you if you handle the call correctly.

Your introduction matters. It sets the tone for the call. If you sound like a salesperson, you’ll be treated like one. So don’t be so damned factual! Let me show you here:


“Hi I’m calling about the home for sale at 3621 Hacienda Street in New Albany, Ohio zip code 43054. Is that home still available?”

You may think you are following the script here but in reality, it sounds like you are sitting in front of a computer calling leads. Like a salesperson.

Their first question will likely be “are you another damned agent?”

You’ve brought this upon yourself! Here’s a better way.


“Uh, hey I’m calling about a house you have for sale here. I guess it looks like kind of a tan house with a two-car garage here? Yeah, is that house still available?”

See now you don’t sound so professional! You sound like someone that’s authentically interested in a house, not a telemarketer. Now that’s not to say that you should hide that you are an agent. But you’d better get them thinking about selling their home before you try to communicate with them. Otherwise, you’ll be shut down quicker than you can blink. The goal here is to have a conversation, not to be turned off and told to go away. If you act like a salesperson that’s trying to get a listing, they’ll treat you that way.

You should be going on at least 2 appointments with FSBO’s weekly. Preferably 4 to 6 weekly.

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