Are You Really In Control?

I talk to agents all day every day and I want to tell you a little secret about these conversations…

The agents usually ask the wrong questions.

Here’s what I mean. The more you go out on appointments and meet with sellers, the more objections you’ll face. Sometimes it’s a simple statement from the seller like “another agent will list it at only 5%” or the famous“I’m telling you before you come out here that I am For Sale By Owner and I plan to stay that way. I am not listing with you”.

The novice agent is looking for “come-backs” or scripts they can use to get the seller to relax or feel comfortable with the response. However, we should be clear here that this does NOT mean caving in to their pressure. You do NOT want to say you are ok with 5% or that you won’t try to get the listing signed.

Actually, there’s only one way to fix these issues. The REAL problem here is that you are not in control. You will never get them to follow you if you aren’t the leader. By them positioning themselves and telling you what they will or won’t do, THEY are the ones in control. If you don’t fix that, you’ll never get anywhere and there’s no sense in meeting with them at all.

This is what’s called a Pattern Interrupt. We will spend some time on this at the Los Angeles Coaching Retreat this month. It’s interrupting their thought process and their positioning with a statement that creates Trust, Authority or Credibility.
Remember, these are the 3 things that matter.




If you have these three things in all of your presentations, you win. So by them asking you questions or making statements like the examples listed above, the first thing that should pop into your mind is not an answer to what they’ve said. It should be this…

“Ok, so they have the authority right now and I need to fix this.”

Otherwise, it’s never going to be fruitful for either of the parties involved.

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