I heard from a lot of agent members this week that were concerned with us losing one of our team members here at Greg Luther Coaching. It was an exciting but also sad time for us as we were extremely close with Nicole for over 5 years and she (just like all of our team members) did an outstanding job. But with that in mind, I am a success coach and when I heard about the opportunity she had in another industry, I owed it to her and her family to support her in pursuing that option.

The lesson here for you to learn is simple. I was kind of surprised so many members appeared to think it was a bad thing. What you have to understand is that when Nicole started here, she knew nothing about real estate, had no idea how an agent is even paid in a commission or what they do to market themselves. All of those things she learned, we taught her and her incredible work ethic, discipline and accountability made it the perfect fit. I DEMAND absolute perfection in everything we do and you’ll notice that it’s been that way with everyone we’ve had. That was true of Patti for 7 years and Amanda for 9 years too.

With that in mind, you should also know that everything I do is designed to be SYSTEMS dependent, not PEOPLE dependent. I noticed decades ago that McDonalds is very successful, getting the same fast service everywhere in the country and it’s ran by 16 year old kids that work there an average of 2 months. They have a TREMENDOUS turn over but they depend on systems, not people. Those techniques are TAUGHT.

If your business is dependent on any one person to succeed, (that includes yourself) you don’t really have a business. You just have a job. It has no resale value because the dang thing just wouldn’t operate without you!

If you’ve followed me, as well as several of our top agents over the last lengthy period of time, you’ve seen that we keep employees for 3 years, 5 years and sometimes much longer. But when we replace those team members, the show goes on with little to no down-time.

You should structure your business the same way. The truth is that everything you do (that you do so amazingly well at) can be taught to someone else.

When hiring on team members, you’ll want to look at their work history to see that they’ve stayed in positions for 3 years or more. If they’ve been job-hopping, you don’t want them. As long as they have that good work ethic, you can train them to know your stuff inside and out. One of the most important factors for me is to know that if I’m going to give them everything I’ve got from a training perspective, I want them to work there at least 3 years.

One of the best ways to ensure this for yourself is to ask them questions about their future goals, etc during the job interview. If you find out that they are just looking for a job until they finish night school where they’ll be starting a different career, don’t hire them! If you find out they plan to have kids next year and travel the country in an RV for a few years, you wouldn’t hire that person either!

You need to look for a good solid person that’s reliable and can do the job you give them. Then give them EXCELLENT training so that they know your stuff inside and out and can do a great job with your customers. They do NOT need experience to get hired. They need grit. That’s the only type of person I will hire because even if they’ve never been in the industry before, that stuff is easily taught.

As long as you are running on a true system, you can plug-in anyone with a good work ethic and be operating at full capacity 365 days per year.

If your business stops because you lost an employee or you take time off yourself, you need a new blueprint and need to get one NOW, before the next issue causes financial devastation!

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