Building A Bigger And Better Mousetrap AKA Your Real Estate Business!

Last year we did a live two day event and created a training product out of it entitled Playbook To Millions. The agents that attended the live class or later invested in the entire training program have given me gleaming reports on the changes they’ve made within their business as well as the income it’s created.

I’m a firm believer in ensuring that you stay AWAKE when it comes to your overall business model. There are several questions you should be asking yourself on a weekly basis.

1. What will my “end game” be here and how will I successfully retire from the day to day activities?

2. What am I doing to ensure I have a good solid business foundation in place that can be transferred or sold to someone else over the next few years?

3. How will I get paid royalties from the system I have in place once I hand it off to someone else?

4. What is the current value of my business model as well as each individual marketing asset that I own?

5. Am I on track for my overall 24 month goal within the business?

These are some of the questions that are most important for you to ponder on a regular basis.

You’ve probably heard before that the quality of your business is in direct proportion to the quality of the questions you ask yourself each day. I’ve ALWAYS found this to be the case. If you start asking yourself bigger and better questions, you’ll see bigger and better results. As you know, most of your competition has only one question. “How can I get two closings next month because otherwise I won’t survive”. Bad questions create bad results.

In the Playbook To Millions training we spent the entire time discussing plays you can put in place that make drastic differences to your business. We went over specific marketing campaigns, how to hire an unlicensed assistant, how to lead with revenue so you never have debt problems and much more.

At the first of the year, I noticed a surge in purchases for that training from agents all over the country because they realized they need to operate at a MUCH higher level and do bigger things with a shorter amount of hours in the business. Congrats to those that have done so.

I encourage you to think big and act big if you anticipate receiving the rewards that come thereafter. There’s no profit in the things we were taught by our parents.

1. Don’t talk to strangers

2. Stay humble, be quiet

3. Don’t attract attention to yourself

4. Don’t be boastful

5. Don’t interrupt

6. Take on debt to go to college

7. Finance all of your wants and needs

8. Money is evil, those who have it did bad things to get it.

9. Too much money makes you miserable.

We could go on and on with all of the bad advice we’ve been given throughout our entire life. Some of us received more than others.

The truth is, life is hard with the hand we are dealt. I realized early in my life that I had parents that were financially broke. They got pregnant. When I was born, the broke doctor caught me as I came out and handed me to the broke nurse. They then handed me back to my broke parents who then fed and cared for me as they had me taught by broke teachers. Those teachers advised me to go to college where I could assume tons of student debt to be taught by broke professors. I decided right then that enough was enough.

You’ll know it if you ever hit a point where you feel that enough is enough and you are just spinning your wheels, not really moving forward. When that time comes, it’s wise to seek out advice on how to GO BIG and build a big biz!

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