I have an envelope here that has your name on it. Inside the envelope is $15,000 in cash. It’s yours. Just come and get it. What are you willing to do to get your hands on that envelope?

Right now, I am at my Columbus, Ohio house. Would you be willing to fly here to get that envelope? Would you fly in the night before and get yourself a rental car and hotel room because I can only meet you at 8am?

Let’s go a little deeper here… What if the airlines can only get you here with a connection? You have a connection in another city which lasts 90 minutes before you can head this way. Is that still ok?

What if the airline ticket is $800? And the rental car for the day is $100? And the hotel is $100? Heck, it’s gonna cost you $1,000 in expenses and you have to fly to Columbus to get the $15,000 in cash.

Would you do it?

What if you are stuck in Columbus for the whole day after you meet me and collect your envelope? Maybe you can’t fly out until 9pm? That would give you plenty of time to get that cash deposited into your bank account before you fly. Are you still okay with that?

By the way, I won’t have time to meet with you or coach you on anything. I will just hand you the $15,000 in cash and I gotta go… Would you still make the trip?

You’d be surprised how many agents would take me up on this offer if it were real. They would spend two full days and travel across the country to get the money. However, they won’t drive a little bit out of their desired marketplace to meet a FSBO that’s worth exactly $15,000 to them. They won’t send out 2,000 postcards with a strong offer to a local area that will get them MORE than $15,000 because “mail is expensive”.

As a matter of fact, they NEVER invest $1,000 to earn $15,000 because they have zero confidence in their marketing, lead conversion and overall approach.

If I told them to invest $33.33 per day on Facebook ads for an entire month they would freak out and tell me they can’t afford it. Then that envelope would go to another agent in their marketplace, instead of them.

You already know this is happening to you every month. Those $15,000 envelopes are handed out every single day in your marketplace. You’d travel across the country AND invest $1,000 to get the envelope but you won’t do it in your own marketplace? It’s easier, faster and MORE assured of happening.

With that in mind, you should also rest assured that you are GUARANTEED not to have your name on those envelopes if you aren’t running the ads or making the lead calls. Those people are simply going to buy or sell a house without you. They will use an agent, you just won’t be the one that they use. Why? Because you didn’t believe in yourself or your marketing.

I’ve never understood why people have more confidence in other people making them successful than they do in themselves. They’ll gladly give another company $1,000 per month and just “hope” things work out this time every though they’ve failed with that over and over and over.

Obviously, your confidence in your own marketing approach will only get stronger if you actually do it. You must work on it constantly, watch it like a hawk and utilize your access to my team to make sure we are always adjusting, fixing what’s broke and making it as profitable as possible.

This is how wealth is made. Being licensed but NOT practicing is of no use to you. You’ve got to ramp up your marketing so that there are LOTS of envelopes all over your town that have your name on it and $15,000 inside. I believe in you. Now you have to believe in your own marketing.

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