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As we start preparing for the 2019 sales goals, you need to start thinking about the amount of money you want to make.

You can easily back into those numbers by deciding what you will earn, then figuring out what type of advertising budget that will require to reach the goal.

You already know that zero spent ensures zero earned. You’ll be stuck just dealing with past clients or referrals and people that know you. That will ensure a MISERABLE year next year for you with zero growth, zero buydown of debt and zero money put into retirement accounts.


We are much better off to get predictable results by running winning campaigns that will give you MEASURABLE results.

The absolute best campaigns we can ever run are done via direct mail. Fewer leads, better quality and pre-qualified by the simple fact that there’s a HUGE barrier of entry for them to be motivated enough to pick up the phone or go to the computer to type in a website address.

As I said at the Coaching Retreat in October, I’d rather have 10 leads generated offline than I would 100 leads generated online. And I’m not kidding by the way. Both can each likely create 7 or 8 closings so I’ll take all of them. But the easiest of all is the offline prospects.

It costs more in advertising and costs LESS in work.

As we start preparing for 2019, I’m looking for a way to quadruple my offline ad spend specifically through direct mail and focused almost 100% on Luxury Clients and Investors. These are tremendously profitable prospects that will continue paying you dividends for a long long time to come. Multiple transactions and high level referrals will be the name of the game with the coming market changes.

It’s time for you to consider your ad spend as well. What will 2019 look like for you? If you are trying to gross $300,000 and you aren’t investing $30,000 to get there, you’ve got the game messed up and you are rigging the game to lose!

Heck, that’s only $2,500 per month and there’s not another investment on the planet Earth that pays better than 10 to 1.

One thing is certain. If you don’t invest the money, you won’t make the money. At least that way you know for SURE that the year will be just as miserable as any other year you were fighting with obscurity.

With any job in the world, if you don’t show up for work, you don’t get paid. If you don’t do your job, the paycheck is never cut to you. Well in this industry, our job is marketing! If you don’t do your job, you won’t get paid. On the flip side of that coin, the better you do at it, the more money you make!

Remember, marketing is not just the things done to generate the lead. It is an ENTIRE timeline from start to finish where you’ll generate the lead, cultivate the lead and ultimately help the client clear to closing. All of those companies out there that want to sell you leads are NOT replacing your marketing. I market to my acquired leads harder than I market to the general public to get the lead in the first place!

(Read that bold sentence again)

My analogy has always been that you reel slow when you are fishing. But once you get one on the hook, you have to keep reeling faster and faster until you get it in. Most agents reel slow, then when one is on the hook, they’ll reel fast for one or two cranks, then stop reeling all together. They are then upset when the fish gets off the hook and they’ll eventually throw the fishing rod down on the ground saying “these fish aren’t motivated”.
Let’s get your advertising campaigns profitable and scale them UP!

Let’s chat about it.

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