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As you know, every single year you have one month that was tremendously better than the other 11 months. It usually happens for a specific reason, but I often find that most agents chalk it up as “got lucky” at one time.

The truth is, you can predictably create that big result month after month if you get a solid game plan in writing and you stick to it. So how about if we get a whole bunch of new clients and get them in contract quickly during the month of May?

When you go about your business with focused intention, you’ll utilize specific systems and predictable approaches that get you FAST results. All the motivational speeches in the world would never get you more pumped up than you’ll be by getting immediate clients and getting them in contract!

Your confidence will be at an all-time high if you can do a quick BLITZ in your marketing to get a large surge of clients. Results will always be the ultimate motivator for you and it’s the fastest way to pull yourself out of a funk. And remember, a fast surge of cash is always a welcome addition to your bank account and it too will cause you to jump out of bed every morning, re-energized for the business you once loved and were inspired by.

You only feel bad and act bad and sleep bad and ignore success when you are in a “sales funk”. When things are bad, it feels like everything is going wrong. But when things are good, everything feels amazing and you feel like you could do no wrong.

Let’s use this month to do everything the right way and create a surge of business for you. I am here to help you and I can certainly give you tips on the little hinges that swing big doors.

Rule #1 is always to go right back to the Foundational Model training (under PROGRAMS on the member’s site) and make sure you are doing that consistently. The top producers in our system simply practice redundancy.


Do what works and do it every single week. Develop your marketing calendar to best fit the production level you are looking to achieve and seek out the help you need to perfect it.

Need to close 3 transactions per month? There’s a marketing plan for that. Need 8 closed every month? There’s a plan for that too. But just throwing stuff at the wall, hoping it will stick is a surefire way to go bankrupt.

You can personally decide that this will be your breakout month if you’ll get really focused on exactly what you need to do each day. The best thing about this business is that we make EXACTLY what we are worth. Want more income? Do things that create a higher value for you and your services!

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