Didn't I tell ya? Amazing Feedback from our October Coaching Retreat!

It certainly feels good to hear agents coming up to me after the event saying it’s the best one they’ve ever participated in. Particularly since some of them have been to every single Retreat for 7 or 8 years straight.

It’s really nice to hear all the kind words and see the look of satisfaction on the faces of members that traveled across the United States to attend. But the BIG satisfaction comes from seeing them go home, put those ideas to work and immediately reap the rewards.

According to Nicole here in our office, we’ve had more “testimonials” come in just 10 days after the event than we ever have before. Agents are using Facebook Lead Ads, the new Expired Sales Letter and much more. Nearly everyone has tweaked their listing presentation to get better results when sitting at the kitchen table and they are much more confident with the offer they are presenting to build the case.

I received lots of gratitude from the members in attendance regarding the brand new 6 page Expired Letter I gave everyone access to. Particularly after they saw how it works and most importantly WHY it works.

One of the most important things your marketing must do when working with expired owners is get them BELIEVING that their home can actually sell. Most believe it just can’t happen right now so they don’t relist it with anyone at all.

If you can raise their ambition level and get rid of all their objections going on in their head, you can then get a call from them.

Look back at all the notes you took at the Coaching Retreat. Look at the bulletpoint list we covered on all the reasons they won’t relist. Start thinking about how you can address each one in not only your initial sales letter, but also all media and all communications. This is what creates big changes in your prospect responses.

There are already members getting calls from expired owners so hopefully you are sending out at least 40 to 60 every week too.

What Else Did You Learn?
One of the most valuable exercises we did was during the morning of day one where we wrote down exactly what you offer buyers and sellers, then took out all of the stuff that everyone else offers. As you know, nearly all agents say the same thing so we crossed those things out. This was VERY revealing for most agents. Many times we know what it is that we do but we have a hard time explaining it to our prospects. Refining this offer and having a word for word “elevator pitch” was a complete game changer for all of us in attendance because you MUST believe in your offer and really feel like you have something of value to give.

I recommend looking through your notes again, rewriting your offers and ensuring you really have this “talk” internalized. This is the equivalent of a professional sports player practicing as often as possible so that once you do get your “at bat” you have the confidence you need to truthfully believe you will knock it out of the park, rather than to simply “hope” it goes well.
Competence creates Confidence!

The majority of members that attended the Retreat decided to have me build out a video marketing funnel for them and we’ve already started them for everyone. The video interviews are going EXTREMELY well and I’ve been very happy with the outcomes we’ve seen thus far. Each agent member has been happy to see the unannounced bonuses that I added to these marketing campaigns to ensure you get as many face-to-face appointments as possible.

Our SOLE focus with this campaign is conversion. We will first convert a percentage of your old leads that you never made money from and then have some automated conversion in place for the new leads that you are generating on a consistent basis.

Our next Coaching Retreat will be in April in Florida. Plan to attend and lets continue building!

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