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There’s no question that a lot of homeowners have wanted to “wait until the first of the year” toput their home up for sale. Many of them are ready to sell but aren’t in a big hurry so they’d rather price it right as a FSBO and see if maybe they can get lucky.

Nothing wrong with their thinking at all. Heck, there may be a neighbor that would love to by the place for their elderly parents or something. But after they try to sell For Sale By Owner for a few weeks, they’ll very quickly get tired of it and decide to hire a professional.

That Should Be You! And if I were you, I’d be branding the heck out of myself 2 to 3 times per week with those For Sale By Owners because I know they will have a need for a Realtor over the next month so I want to be the most famous agent in their mind.

I would send a huge list of every single home I sold last year with a headline that says "I recently listed and closed ALL of these properties for local homeowners"

I’d send other just listed and just sold postcards even if it’s the same houses, sent to them again. They won’t know the difference. I’d mail them a freakin’ folder full of testimonials from past clients, even if it included homes I sold 10 years ago. I’d go crazy on each of these projects if I knew I’d get a $10,000 or $15,000 check every time I win.

We winners of the world (you and I) don’t need much more motivation than that. It certainly allows us to keep our eye on the prize when we know we are about to get over $10,000 from a prospect that becomes a client. I’d wake up every single morning of my life thinking "what can I send to them today and how can it be delivered differently than yesterday?"

Those people have our money! Send every damn thing you can think of with every possible media available! If you don’t have their email address, mail them a postcard with an offer to email them a very valuable report. They’ll go to your site and request that report by giving you their email!

Don’t drag your feet here. Start TODAY because they’ll only try FSBO for 3 or 4 weeks. Start marketing to them immediately!

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