Generating Leads for $2-$3 Each

We’ve really gotten this down to a science over the past several months. We have DOZENS of agents generating buyer and seller leads for less than $3 each and in some cases, less than $2 each.

One of the agents I spoke with yesterday generated 36 leads last month at $2.12 each which put her total ad spend at $76.32 for the month.

There’s good news and bad news with this. The bad news is that 33 of those leads won’t work with her. They either didn’t answer the phone or said they weren’t interested. The good news is that 3 of the prospects became clients and are already in contract, set to close during the month of May. In her particular case, spending $76.32 and getting 3 closings puts her advertising cost at $25.44 each!

By the way, her experience is NOT unique. Nearly ALL of the agents we are helping with their Lead Ads are generating hundreds of leads for a couple bucks a piece.

I’m going to be providing a complete guide to this at the upcoming Coaching Retreat. As you know, all members are permitted to attend this training and it’s the only one planned prior to October.

Our goal here is to ensure you aren’t wasting money on various companies that are charging you hundreds of dollars monthly to generate their “so-called” leads when in reality, you can be attracting great quality clients at only a couple bucks each. Even with the current 8%-10% conversion rate we are seeing, that puts you under $50 per closing!

I’ll be going through the entire package, logging onto our Facebook accounts and giving examples from agents in the room that are closing LOTS of business with the 4 different approaches we will teach you live at the event.

If you aren’t yet registered for the LA Coaching Retreat, call the office immediately at
614-582-3912 so we can reserve your seat. We will be right beside LAX airport so you won’t need a rental car. See you there! Let’s get you some closings!

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