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I love showing my dedication to your success and profitability. Last month, I made a TREMENDOUS investment into helping you and our entire real estate community with the launching of all three primary media sites to give you DAILY thoughts, training and motivation.

The new YouTube, Instagram and Facebook pages have been launched, I’ve hired a full-time team and we are creating highly valuable content for you every single day of every single month. More importantly, we are working on some EXTENSIVE training to help you with every intricate part of our business including the major keys to success as a real estate agent. Some will be available to the public while the more valuable and detailed pieces will be available to members only (that means you!).

We’ve hired one of the best videographers and film editors I’ve ever seen and I’m confident that you’ll be impressed with the quality of training “snippets” you’ll be getting on a continuous basis. He follows me around every day, records everything I do and all of the calls I have with some top-notch agents around the country. We are then taking that footage, grabbing the best pieces and sharing it with our members at all different levels.

We’ve already began loading training videos.

You’ll see motivational photos, quotes and specific trainings on each of the platforms. Before long, you’ll see virtually hundreds of different pieces of useful content that will help you with growing your business.

My goal with these platforms is to provide the daily tactics, strategies and FOCUS you need to work hard with specific approaches that create RESULTS.

Feedback so far has been outstanding. And our efforts will only improve and increase as we get the system down. There’s nothing better than getting daily motivation regardless if it’s a 2 minute video or a more extensive step-by-step training.

My recommendation for you is to immediately subscribe to all 3 websites, even if you’ve never used them before. You don’t want to miss out on any of the tools and trainings we will provide and you’ll see very different content on each of the three sites. They are all free. Just go there, create an account, find our page and click the subscribe button.


There’s still time to make 2018 big for yourself. But your continuous daily focus is what will make it happen. Every other week isn’t enough for you to really keep your nose to the grindstone so I’m going to great lengths to fix that for you. Watch everything, start implementing and let’s get your numbers up immediately!

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