Here's Where Everyone Messes Up

As a student of marketing for a few decades now, I subscribe to just about everything I can get my hands on. I get tons of newsletters, magazines and white papers. I buy everything I see on TV and I opt in to virtually everything that I feel I can get some kind of value in.

Most generally, I’m not interested in the product. I am more interested in their process. This is where you get a real education.

As an example, one of the few times I watch TV is Saturday morning where I can keep flipping back and forth between paid commercials. I love learning how they sell, what their bonuses are, how they take pre-emptive strikes at objections, etc.

I remember one morning I ordered exercise videos and a few minutes later I ordered 5 pounds of pre-cooked bacon from Omaha Steaks. Trust me, the bacon no longer has the wrapper on it but the exercise videos do!

It’s important to learn what their upsells, down sells and cross sells are. Generally, I’ll call the number as Greg Luther and order. Then I’ll call back as Gregory M. Luther and NOT order so I can see how they handle it, how they follow up, how many different medias and messages they use, etc.

My mailbox is EXPLODING with offers every day and many of the best offers we have in real estate, I’ve swiped from other industries where I’ve seen it working for them, raking in millions of bucks on a regular basis.

One thing I’ve learned over the past year or two is that the most successful marketers don’t spend all of their time trying to fix the customer’s problem. The oldest training in the world tells you to find out what their problem is, then offer a solution. I’m sure you’ve seen it yourself.

There’s a good chance that all of your marketing has been geared the same way. To offer features and benefits, address their problem and offer a solution.

But you know what the most successful people do for big results? They gear their marketing message to raise the ambition of their prospect.

Do yourself a favor. Read that again. Write it down somewhere.

The goal of your marketing is to raise the prospects ambition. It’s not to fix their problem.
As a homeowner, if I can emotionally raise their ambition to live in a bigger home, that emotion will push them a lot faster than trying to be “logical” in discussing why they should consider a bigger home.

The same is true for first time buyers. You need to spend the bulk of your message on raising their ambition.

You’ll see examples of this when we get together.

Imagine marketing to an expired homeowner. It’s way too easy to assume they still want to sell. It’s way too easy to tell them why you are better and how you can sell their home even though the last person couldn’t. But guess what… They may not have the ambition to sell anymore. It may be falling on deaf ears. And if you look up 20 homes that expired last month, you may see that 16 never re-listed with anyone!

I’m going to show you how to fix that. It’s important that you not waste your time trying to fix problems just because that’s what everyone else does or because that’s what you’ve done for the last several years. If we can raise their ambition and ultimately create bigger aspirations for them, those emotions are the KEY to getting them to take action and to do things that will get them to their goal faster (like pricing their home correctly).

When someone tells you “well, we can just stay here another couple of years” there’s actually a problem with their ambition that needs addressed.

Care to role play a few examples on this? Want to see other agents doing it too? I’ll see you on June 12th and 13th in Los Angeles, CA.

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