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Every single day of the year I’m getting communications from agents with some good news, bad news, and general updates as to their business.

I love hearing from everyone and enjoy giving them the information they need to keep pressing forward in closing more business.
One big trend that I’ve noticed over the last 6 to 12 months is the higher commissions that several agents are getting, as well as their complete SURPRISE that it’s happening for them!

It’s no surprise for me as I’ve always kept my eye on the fact that when you REMOVE sales pressure and tension from a presentation, you get a more desirable result for all parties. One of the most-tense moments you’ll feel during a listing presentation is immediately after you quote your fee and you sit their holding your breath, waiting on them to respond. So we’ve found it’s best to just get rid of that feeling as it makes it easier for you and easier for the seller.

Nowadays, we just respond to the commission question by saying “Oh, we can charge whatever you want…Here is my menu of services that show you the good, better or best option. Would you like to go over that to see which is best for you?”

Of course, this creates a presentation where we are getting a “yes” or “yes” option because fighting over commission doesn’t happen anymore. Either way, they are going to go with us. They just have to decide if they want to go with the Silver, Gold or Platinum package.

There’s an uncountable number of recorded listing presentations that I’ve listened to (I generally listen to them while I’m driving in my car) and it’s amazing how much more fluid these presentations are and how COMFORTABLE the close is with the homeowner as they feel like they can go with a cheap option if they want, though 80% of the time they are going with the Gold or Platinum option as they see value in what it provides and most importantly, we’ve commoditized the competition. We basically say “oh sure, we can do that cheap option to…but we only do what the other agents do. Here’s what that looks like”.

Ensure you are using your Menu of Services from the resource website. Let’s make you some $$$!

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