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Have you noticed how volatile the stock market has been lately?

Investors are a nervous wreck, they may gain 10% or lose 20% in a matter of one day and it
generally provides late night heartburn either way! They constantly live in fear, checking stats, watching the news, trying to watch for the latest breaking story that either crushes the market or causes it to rebound for another 48 hours.

It becomes too much for most. They begin looking for better, safer, more predictable

We have agents right now that are hearing more and more from investors that are curious about real estate and fed up with the ups-and-downs of other investment options.

If you were on our investor webinar training last month, you saw that we are now systematically attracting ultra-affluent clients that can pay all cash and FULL price for houses in your marketplace. This is not the ugly house business where you have to buy homes cheap and fix them up but instead is the PRETTY house business where you buy gorgeous homes at full price and they simply rent them out.

The market has turned. This is true not only in the real estate world but is also happening the US investment world as well. How are you capitalizing on it? As we see them coming in by the boatload, you need to be in front of them, giving them a hand and educating them on the RIGHT way to do extremely well in the rental real
estate world.

There’s nothing better than having ALL CASH investors that are willing to give full market value on whichever houses you recommend they buy. Especially when you can attract those investors in other states and will never need to meet them face to face or show them houses.

Inside our investor training, I gave everyone the ads to use, the reports to give, the websites to get opt-ins and even the Powerpoint presentation to convert them to clients. You simply have to launch it to start getting yourself investors that will buy multiple properties each month. They are swarming into real estate right now. Be sure you get your fair share of them this month.

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