It’s hard to believe that Autumn begins this month. The year has flown by and I’m very proud of the number of agents that are already setting new records for their biggest year ever. But this is just the beginning.

I made a commitment to myself and my team this year that we’d help more agents to get out of debt than we ever have before. If you’ve dealt personally with myself or the team here, you’ve seen that we’ve been ON-IT with absolutely everything you needed so we could ensure you were pushing the ball forward.

There’s a special file in my email that I’ve labeled “success stories” where I take all of the raving testimonials and file them in one place. Some agents are excited to be having so many closings, others are excited to break into the luxury market and several have really focused in on buying their debts down to ZERO and drastically increasing their credit score. It seems that they’ve lived under this cloud of debt for years and years and they’ve never felt so invigorated as when they finally get it all paid off so that they can begin building a real retirement for themselves.

That’s one of the biggest rewards of what I do here. I love seeing the life changes we make for the agents that are truly motivated to get out of their own way and implement the things they are taught to develop consistent income.

To be clear, there are also agents that do NOTHING. They don’t get on calls, they don’t implement. They haven’t met with a FSBO in weeks. They have no expired campaigns going. Their facebook marketing is nada but they have a long list of excuses they can bring up when asked why they aren’t making money.

So as we roll into the Fall Season during mid to late September, my hope is that you’ve got a solid plan together for yourself and you are actually implementing it each and every day. I’m not speaking to everyone else, I’m speaking to YOU. I want you to have three important things.

1. A solid marketing and conversion plan.
2. Confidence in that plan.
3. Discipline to actually implement every day.

You won’t make any money if you have only two of those three things. You must have all three. I’ve found that a lot of agents know what to do, but they lack confidence in their own system, so they don’t do anything. They have a fear of loss and fear of failure.

Here’s a shocking breakthrough for you. If you don’t do anything, you are guaranteed to fail and guaranteed to lose!

Let’s go into the Fall Season with a newfound excitement after you pencil out a solid marketing plan and daily agenda. Need help with it? Email me!

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