As we’ve been discussing for several months now, the market is headed for a correction. This also means a slowing of sales, buyers dragging their feet and sellers unsure of what to do.

But what about YOU? What will you do? Will you simply “hope” to survive during a slowing market or will you implement systems that allow you to thrive, setting new records for the most income you’ve ever achieved?

Personally, my first big financial breakthrough happened in a down-turning market. When things were really hot and flying off the shelves, nobody really cared what I had to offer because “any old agent will do”. But as the market got tough, they needed someone that could demonstrate they were superior. That’s when my income really took off.
Will you cause the same thing to happen to you?

As you see homes sitting for just a little bit longer…and just getting one offer rather than 5 or 6, you are likely wondering what you’ll do to keep your revenue up when it’s not so easy to trip over deals.

I’m sure you’ll agree that during a hot market, even the hairdresser with a real estate license makes an extra $30,000 per year on the side by working with a few clients. Heck, we are all surprised at how often the transactions we get are just kind of tripped over, not coming from a specific and predictable marketing source. But when things tighten up, those part-timers are getting ZERO business. The agents that don’t have a solid marketing plan are getting no business too.

So it’s time to really sit back for a moment and think about how many deployable marketing assets you own that you can implement with certainty of acquiring new clients.
If you don’t like the results of that marketing asset inventory you are taking there, it’s time to take action now, before it’s too late and we are back into another depreciating cycle.
THIS IS WHAT WE DO. And it’s what we discuss on nearly every call together. At the Coaching Retreat this month, we are going to spend a lot of time on it.

These are NORMAL cycles that happen every 8 to 10 years (with 4 or 5 up and 4 or 5 down) and in my opinion, we will end up in a more “normal” market, rather than the crazy hot one we’ve had lately.

It is very important to me that you be ready for this shift. The truth is, you can experience the best four years of your career if you are prepared with the best deployable marketing assets. I will fit you for that at the upcoming Coaching Retreat on October 23-24.

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