Let’s Be A Little More Assertive

Listen, in this business, you are assertive or you are a professional visitor. It’s no coincidence that upon reviewing HUNDREDS of recordings of listing presentations around the country, those that get the deal are assertive and those that walk out with smiles and handshakes are “nice” and “agreeable”.

It’s better to be respected than to be liked. It pays a lot more too.

I’ve found that the struggling agents actually think they are in the customer service business. They think their job is to get the client to like them and keep everyone “happy”. Complete hogwash.

Your job is to be an advisor. By its very definition, this means “one who gives advice”.
With every single recording I listen to, I ask the agent for a few time markers…

• According to the Bulletproof Listing Presentation, tell me exactly where each of the 5 chapters begin.

• Point out the exact times you were being an advisor, rather than smiling and being agreeable to everything they say.

We’ve always found that if we have those simple ingredients, the presentation goes MUCH differently than the agents that show up and “wing it”.

When you leave each presentation, you have a very clear yes or a no. The maybe’s kill every sales presentation in America. Think about how many times you’ve been wrong when you thought they loved you and they are going to call you back after they “think about it”. Really? When was the last time you actually needed a day to sit in a dark corner all by yourself completely uninterrupted to make a decision? Especially something as simple as listing your home for sale. Come on here, they are selling, not buying. It’s the thing they DON’T want anymore, not the thing they DO want.

Be the advisor. Be assertive. Be the person that actually helps them to reach their goal, rather than the one that wastes their time. For those that don’t get the deal, when you walk out the door and they close it on you, they just turn around and look at each other shaking their head.

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