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Greg Luther hosts a variety of LIVE Seminars each year around the country. Real Estate agents are provided with exceptional sales & marketing training to help grow their businesses. There are also private Mastermind Sessions held at Greg Luther's personal home for agents who are serious about building a bigger business for themselves.  

Upcoming Events

Greg Luther Coaching Retreat 2023

Upcoming in June 2023 for Inner Circle Members (Orlando, FL)


Greg Luther Coaching Retreat

Each year Greg Luther hosts One HUGE Live event for members only, his Hustle & Grow Agent Coaching Retreat, where they fly from all over the country to participate. They come together to learn NEW approaches from Greg and share what they're doing in their businesses. There are often new strategies and tested approaches released so member's can return home and immediately kick their business into high great.

The Coaching Retreats are absolutely FREE to our coaching members, and are another added benefit of being part of the Greg Luther Family. Members develop friendships and networks that spread all over the country and they are always excited to meet twice a year as a group. As their relationships and bonds build, so does their ability to create a bigger business for themselves.

The Greg Luther Inner Circle includes agents of different levels and there is something for everyone. Whether you're brand new to the real estate industry and need to learn the basics of what is needed to build a foundational business or you're a veteran agent with consistent closings who needs to recruit, build a team and plan an exit strategy, being in the Inner Circle will get you there!

Learn more about the Greg Luther Inner Circle and how you can join this dynamic group to take your business to the next level. This will immediately open the door to a wealth of information so you can make more money, learn more skills and absolutely kill it in your market. You'll then be able to join us for our Coaching Retreats to solidify and bring it all together.

Email us at to set up a time to for a no obligation strategy call about your business with one of Greg Luther's coaches. Assessing your situation and knowing what may be missing is the first step a smart business owner takes for themselves to decided exactly what to do next.