Look What I Found! (Old Stuff)

You’ve probably heard that we are moving to another home this month. One of the necessary evils with any move is going through all the crap you have stored around the house to see what needs to go with you and what can be thrown away.

While cleaning out some stuff in the garage, I found a huge box of closing statements from the hundreds and hundreds of homes I’ve sold over the years. One thing really stood out to me.

Nearly EVERYTHING was listed at 7% commission! Additionally, I’ve always charged a $295 Admin Fee on top of the commission. It was kind of cool to review all of my notes in each of these folders to see the agents I was competing against, the sheer volume of objections that are often thrown at me during phone conversations, etc. Yet we were able to wade through all of that, get the appointment, secure the listing and get it at the highest fee offered to the seller.

These closing statements have a range of all price ranges and all time frames. Big homes, small homes, before the crash, after the crash and more.

The key difference now, as it always has been, is simply the ability to create massive intrinsic value in the mind of the prospect.

If things are compared apples to apples, and one bag of apples is exactly the same as the other, of course they will choose the cheapest bag. But if you can show a significant difference in what you offer, and demonstrate that it’s NOT the same as all those other bags, you win every time.

As we’ve always discussed, if you are a commodity agent that can be replaced by anyone else that has a real estate license, you’d might as well quit right now. You are never going to succeed. But if you see that you can create tremendous difference in the mind of the prospect so that they can’t get what you offer from ANYONE else at ANY price higher or lower, you win.

Sometimes taking a trip down memory lane by looking through some of your old files can be a GREAT learning tool in itself. Scan some of your old files. What are you learning about yourself?

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