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 hire a virtual assistant to call them and email them, then they hire an in office assistant to call them and email them, then they say the leads are no good. After that, they immediately sign up for a different lead service and different database and the entire process starts all over again. It’s the leads fault, then the database’s fault, then the employees fault, then we start all over. 

In reality… It’s the way in which you are trying to convert them that’s the problem. 

In 2019, I’m making more money than I ever have in my life and I’m converting prospects at higher rates than I’ve EVER seen before. Several of our agents are experiencing the exact same thing. And I’ve gotta tell you, after 20 years in the real estate business (next month is my 20-year anniversary by the way) I’m absolutely shocked at how easy it’s became to attract business for pennies, and ultimately get them converted. 

I’m spending nearly a half day on the entire subject of the NEW lead conversion approach when we get together next month at the Coaching Retreat. I want to be clear in warning you that you absolutely MUST be there to avoid starving to death in this business. You see the writing on the wall with your own lead conversion. 

So to get your mind thinking in the right direction, you’ll no longer convert them and call them and beg. They’ll actually convert themselves. And I’ll show you how….How’s that for a cliffhanger? 

If you’ve been following along with the TREMENDOUS amount of information that I’ve been providing for everyone through the various channels, you’ve learned that you are pretty much wasting your time trying to convert leads the way you have for the last several years. 

In the past, our lead conversion was often random and sporadic acts of desperation because we’d ran out of clients and needed to dip back into the bucket to try to get some more motivated prospects that are ready to make a move. And that worked for several years. 

But it’s dead now. 

When we were younger, we loved getting emails and hated getting regular mail. Today, we love getting regular mail and hate getting email. 

When we were younger, we loved getting phone calls. Today, most people get angry when their phone rings and they don’t know who it is because they ASSUME it’s going to be bad. 

So to sum up today’s world, the general public hates getting email and hates getting phone calls. So how are you converting your leads now? 

For most agents…They aren’t. They are generating leads and buying leads and then putting those leads into a database, and then a different database and then they try to call them and email them, then they 

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