Meals For Those In Need

So far, I’ve heard from 23 Inner Circle members that have committed to providing at least 5 meals to those in need within their community.

Each year, my family finds families that are struggling and we give them a huge fully-prepared meal all boxed up from a great restaurant here in our area. We started with just a few families but the “feel goods” were so strong, we decided to really go big with it and we now do lots of them.

I’ve found that everyone goes through tough times every once in a while. Good people fall on hard times. And nothing is more emotionally devastating than not being able to provide a feast for your family on Thanksgiving Day. So we identify those in need from various sources, do a little pre-screening over the phone and show up with an amazing, fully prepared meal for them on Wednesday evening.

It’s not uncommon to see them in tears due to the kind gesture. It feels great to give back to your immediate community and it keeps us grounded as to how fortunate we truly are to do what we do in real estate.

Last year, we had a handful of agents that each found a few families in their area and they did the same thing. Absolutely every one of them said it was one of the highlights of their year and they felt great when helping other people that truly appreciate it.

That’s what has motivated me ever since I was a kid. I’ve always gotten a healthy ego boost from helping those that really need help in life. I think this is deep rooted, way back to my childhood when I saw the look on my Mom’s face when someone helped us out at a desperate time of need. I looked at that guy as a hero. And I wanted to do EXACTLY what he did.

Today, I find my greatest fulfillment comes from helping others in the biggest way possible. Most generally, that’s simply showing them the path to more income, which provides freedom and security for their loved ones.

Let me know if you feel ambitious enough to help a few families during this season of thanks. I’d love to see over 100 of our members giving back to their community each year.

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