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If you’ve been a member long enough, you probably know a lot of my back story. Before I became successful as a real estate agent, I was a FAILURE as a real estate agent. As a matter of fact, I lost my own house to foreclosure and had my car reposessed during our office meeting right in front of the big bay window.

I’ve been there. I know how bad it sucks. I know what it’s like to have sleepless nights and stress all day and be mad at everything, overreacting with anger to even the smallest issues in life.
Myself, I always refer to it as POVERTY. I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor and let me tell you, rich is better. During those bad years I even convinced myself I had a sleeping disorder. Funny how when I fixed my income, I slept like a baby again.

I’ve had to reinvent myself 3 times so far in my life. How about you? Have you ever reinvented yourself? It’s just part of the process called life.
With that in mind, I’ve learned over the years that every time I’ve been knocked down, it was because I was asleep at the wheel prior to it happening. I didn’t read the market well and I didn’t make the adjustments needed far enough in advance.

You’ve been receiving warnings from me about the currently changing real estate market for over 7 months. Everyone thought I was crazy 7 months ago. Now I’m a genius. Those that have already made the adjustments needed are earning more than ever before. And YOU still have time to do it right now.

Anyway, I’ve learned that it was my fault and when I got lazy or started playing the blame game, I allowed my business to spiral out of control, ultimately leading to my own demise. I didn’t accept sole responsibility the way that I’m supposed to as a business owner. I let daily habits turn non-profitable and I wasn’t keeping track of my dollars earned, projected dollars, lead cost, cost per conversion and more.
Let me be honest… I was just flying by the seat of my pants.

But the biggest change I made was to develop a SIGNIFICANT fear of poverty. I think about it every single day of my life. I literally look in the mirror every single morning while I’m brushing my teeth and I say “don’t allow yourself to go back there”.

I feed that fear. I look for people that are struggling and I figure out what actions they are taking that are CAUSING them to fail. I drive through low end neighborhoods, I go talk to homeless people before I give them a small donation, I CONSTANTLY feed this fear I have of poverty and each day, I want that fear to grow stronger and stronger. It’s the only fear I allow into my mind but I want it to be raging at all times.

The end result I get from all of this is extreme focus. I plan out my day. I don’t allow for distractions. I am very clear on who my customer is and who my customer is not. And I am always asking myself “how much am I getting paid for doing this and is it worth it?”
That laser focus is what allows someone to be incredibly prolific. It allows you to get more accomplished in a month than the typical person gets accomplished in a year. And because of that, it allows you to earn more money in a month than most people do in a year as well.

Success will NEVER happen for you by accident. You “waiting this thing out” is going to cause you to fail. It will only happen when you force it to. I mean, lets be honest here. We are just coming off of the hottest real estate market we’ve ever seen in the history of the United States. If you didn’t get rich over the past 4 years, it’s your fault. But right now is the 2nd best time to get started on that task.

Develop a healthy fear of poverty. Take action to get rid of ALL of your debts and get yourself bought down to zero. Then turn on the jets to build real wealth as a real estate agent!

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