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I told you it would be massively different, incredibly timely and tremendously helpful for your business based on where the market is now.

Was I right?

The feedback I received is better than any other event we’ve ever put on and I have to admit I am re-energized after hearing so many success stories not only at the training, but the week after as well. It’s amazing how when someone learns new approaches and actually IMPLEMENTS them, that they see immediate and consistent results.

We had two agents that each generated over 200 leads in one day with a totally FREE ad that I spoke to everyone about. We realized that 200 leads in a day is far too many so since the Retreat, we’ve been narrowing it down to only upper and luxury level clients responding.

Since we have the marketing side down and can generate as much business as we want, we might as well focus on the high end side right?

Everyone was nervous…then excited when we discussed what it’s really going to take for you to retire from this business. Huge eye opener for all! It will certainly make you act in a much more intentional way within your daily real estate practice.

Realizing that nobody answers their phone anymore and 88% to 91% of your emails are never opened, it made agents realize that you can’t convert leads by just calling them all the time and sending email sequences. This was a game changer for those that started making the changes we discussed because several saw great results overnight! When they came into the meeting room the next morning, they had stories of success!

I want to make sure your biggest takeaway is that we are changing everyone from LEADS to an AUDIENCE. You will talk to them differently, convert them differently and communicate on an extremely consistent basis! You heard from some of the Platinum Coaching Members in the room that are getting great results because they started doing this over 60 days ago. Make the switch and get your bank deposit slips ready because it’s creating massive results!

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