Non-Real Estate Related Events

This has been a gangbusters winner for the agents that have used it so far this year.

You should keep an eye out, as far as several months in advance, for the non-real estate related events coming to your town. Many of these events allow for exhibitors or at least a marketing piece to be stuffed into the gift bags. Many will even allow sponsorships in their print materials or program.

Several of our top members have capitalized on these specialized events. Here’s a small list of the possibilities that would exist for you.

  • Boat Shows
  • Golf Gatherings
  • Awards Ceremonies
  • Equine Events
  • Social Gatherings
  • Neighborhood Functions
  • Car Shows
  • Niche Auctions
  • Real Estate Investor Events
  • Business Opportunity Expos
  • Appreciation Events
  • Fundraisers & Charity Events

All of these events can be profitable for you if you can tie your message and your story into why you are promoting at THAT event.

The biggest thing to remember here is the MOOD these people are in at these events. They are approachable and they are open to opportunity. At every one of the examples above, they’ve decided to attend because they want to explore new things and new opportunities.

Will you capitalize on this? It’s one of the best ways to capture a big list of potential clients. Remember your sole purpose is lead capture!

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