Scared Of The Phone!?!

An article in the November issue of ENTREPRENEUR probed into the issue with young salespeople and the results were terrifying. They interviewed a young CEO in Silicon Valley that said “I can imagine where getting someone on the phone would be useful but I haven’t had a desk with a phone on it since I started in 2010. We are at computers and the only reason we’d need our phone is if the wifi is spotty. I always associate phones with high pressure situations.”

The author’s conclusion is that talking on the phone is fear inducing to a generation of texters. They look at it as inefficient and uncertain. It creates concerns of the other person possibly not being available, meaning you might need to leave a message and not know what to say. Worse, they may actually answer and then you have to be prepared to sell, also not sure of what to say.

In this article, a professor at the University of Texas said his students absolutely refuse to make a phone call to make an appointment. He has an assignment in class where they are to do that and 100% of them say they sent an email or sent a text. They then make up excuses because they don’t want to talk to another human, mostly because they don’t ever want to be told “no”.

Obviously, this is disturbing as well as comical. Meanwhile, those that have busted through their barriers and gotten proper coaching to become good on the phone are raking in tremendous incomes. While others are limiting themselves to digital communications and wondering why they are failing so miserably, others are experiencing two way communications that create immediate results.

I mean really… If you can’t handle the prospect saying “I’m busy” or “not now” or “screw off” every once in a while, you probably aren’t cut out to be a salesperson. You should go see a shrink to fix the real issue which is likely your own insecurity as to who you are and what beneficial service you provide to our society. Or maybe you could just work for a real entrepreneur? You could be their assistant or be a cashier or a waitress or something. Heck, you could even drive for Uber to get other entrepreneurs to their successful jobs.

My advice to someone I really want to help would be clear and concise. Suck it up buttercup.

Even if someone cussed me out on the phone today, I wouldn’t need to go move back in with my mom, lay in the fetal position, post something on my facebook page saying this world sucks and I hate people, etc. I wouldn’t be traumatized and look for my blanket like Linus.

For clarity, I don’t like being told “no” at all. Fortunately, I’m at a place now that I don’t hear it often. However, understanding marketing allows us to have AMPLE numbers of leads so all I have to do is hang up on the asshole, dial the next person and set up an appointment with a Ready, Willing and Able prospect that is extremely glad that I called.

One of the big problems these days is that people are woosies. This is true not only of the younger generation but older ones as well. And the more you harbor those feelings and actions, the more you’ll become a recluse, hiding in your cave, scared to come out into the light. Acting this way puts you and your mind in solitary confinement, thus causing mental issues, social anxiety and unassuredness as to your future in your current career.

Am I right?

Look, let’s face it. This shit is self imposed. Just thinking about it makes me want to call a FSBO and set up an appointment right now just to prove I’m a winner and I won’t let self imposed beliefs stand in the way of my success. I hope you are the same.

We are going to be doing a lot of role play when we get together at the Coaching Retreat, as well as on our Video Conferences. I want you to watch as well as participate. These are the glass ceilings you need to bust through if you are going to be successful and extremely profitable as a real estate agent. I beat it. Now I’m a BAMF on the phone. Let’s make you one too.

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