As you look at the various niches you want to work in, you’ll likely think about Baby Boomers and seniors within your marketplace. There’s no question that this population is going through a housing need change right now and many are looking at options for selling their house and moving into some sort of assisted or shared living situation.

But how will you capitalize on it? How can you attract these clients, build trust and authority with them and get them to work with you?

It can be a very profitable approach if handled correctly. This is especially true if you develop a team of professionals that can help them with their various needs.

A team makes this even more profitable for you because you can leverage the relationship they already have with an attorney or a CPA.

Let me explain…

Imagine you meet an attorney in your town that works with Baby Boomers and Seniors. They likely specialize in Elder Law. They are probably even certified with and they already have a long list of happy clients.

Then we team up with a local CPA that works with the same type of clients. They got their credentials through and they too have a huge list of local clients that know, like and trust them within your marketplace.

As the three of you build a Joint Venture Partnership, you’ll each promote the other partners for their professional advice. The attorney tells all of their clients to call you concerning their housing needs and you tell all of your clients about the CPA that’s in the partnership with you.

If you do this the right way, these two partners are already successful in their own right and they need someone like you that understands marketing to team everyone up. They will pay you BIG money to buy into an opportunity like this.
While most agents would only think of partnering with these professionals for free, I would actually encourage you to look at creating a real business model that they can buy into because they want access to a joint venture that makes sense for all parties to earn increased income.

Don’t just give away the farm for free!

I covered this in our Playbook To Millions training so if you haven’t invested in that course, it’s worth looking into. Just call us at 614-582-3912. I’ll likely also briefly discuss this model on an upcoming coaching call to give you some ideas on how you can really get this going with a big splash.

I love leaning on the relationship that already exists with other trusted advisors like the prospect’s attorney or their CPA. These clients will pretty much do anything those advisors tell them to do so it’s wise for you to become a professional in the eyes of those advisors.

Remember, when dealing with seniors and boomers, you’ll likely also be dealing with their adult children that believe everyone is trying to take advantage of their parents. While it’s something you can easily handle, it’s something to be aware of. Additionally, it’s the biggest reason you want to lean on Trust, Authority and Credibility in the eyes of these prospects.

You’ll continue hearing more and more about Seniors and Boomers as they all begin “coming of age” for a housing need change. Spend some time thinking about how you can create an entire model around this. I’ll likely be doing a couple of private full-day consultations to put this together for agents in their own marketplace so if this is something you are interested in, get with us immediately.

Just another niche you can make a tremendous profit from if you set it up correctly. I’m here to help so reach out if you need it!

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