Didn’t I tell you? The Coaching Retreat was absolutely outstanding, and the rave reviews have been nothing short of amazing!

My presentations went into more detail than they ever have before and Nicole and Amanda’s presentations blew the roof off the Renaissance Hotel on Day 2! Did you see it?

There’s something magical about all the top producers getting together for 2 or 3 days to work specifically on an agenda that covers sales, marketing and business models that make the most amount of money for real estate agents all over America.

Unfortunately for all of us trying to get some houses sold out here, the things that are working well often change every 6 to 9 months which is why we have a Coaching Retreat twice annually. We do one in April and one in October every single year just to keep everyone up with what’s working at this very minute!

During this Retreat, we spent a lot of time discussing the specific marketing strategies that are getting the highest response as well as the medias that are getting the highest conversions. A theme we kept hearing over and over was that TEXT MESSAGING was just crushing it with response rates as high as 70% on a consistent basis! But what about you and your response rates? Are you still using just email? Are you trying to make phone calls to your leads? These are the LEAST effective approaches!

Text message is working extremely well. Video marketing is working very well. And gated content is getting some of the highest opt-in rates we’ve ever seen! You need to be using this stuff and you have to be trained on HOW to use it!

Coupling that knowledge with all the things Nicole and Amanda taught about Facebook Lead Ads and other forms of specific lead generation and we found that several agents walked out of there, put it in place and converted their new leads quickly!

We spent Day 3 going over the step-by-step to the Bulletproof Listing Presentation. Attendees were SHOCKED to see how well the 5 chapters of a successful listing presentation can fit into the Straight-Line Method as taught in the recommended book.

It’s really simple. Keep the prospect on the straight line during your presentation and you’ll be able to seamlessly close the deal. Let them get too far off of that line and you’ll be hearing “we want to think about it”. We’ve all been there before, and it never ends well!

The all new Bulletproof Presentations recording will be available very soon as it’s currently in post-production editing! Be ready!

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