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The market keeps changing. The way buyers and sellers find their agents and their houses keeps changing. The way humans communicate keeps changing.

My son has a pizza tracker on his phone to know when our food will be here. The damn pizza has a GPS.

People don’t talk on their phones anymore and they rarely check their email. Well that’s the two communications we’ve always used to work with clients! And both are dead? What do we do now?

Well, we are using technology to our benefit, without needing to learn about technology. Here’s a short list of things we are doing.

  1. All unconverted leads are thrown back into a remarketing campaign in Facebook to get them to call you for a meeting.
  2. Neighborhood addresses in your best farm area are all skip traced so that you can get everyone’s email address.
  3. All contact data for lists purchased from Marketing List Brokers are loaded into Facebook Custom Audience.

All of these things are absolute game changers for you and I can assure you that none of your competition is doing it at all. If you are looking to get your name, your info and your offers out to the general public, THISis what makes it happen.

And remember, this is just a few of the many things that are working extremely well right now. I’m assisting those that spend time

Those people have our money! Send every damn thing you can think of with every possible media available! If you don’t have their email address, mail them a postcard with an offer to email them a very valuable report. They’ll go to your site and request that report by giving you their email!

Don’t drag your feet here. Start TODAY because they’ll only try FSBO for 3 or 4 weeks. Start marketing to them immediately!

We have an incredibly strong topic list for the upcoming Inner Circle calls, all designed to get you fast closings with all of these approaches. Be ready to tune in and take lots of notes because I’ll break down and make it easy for you to use!

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