The United States has been on an upswing for years and we’ve spent nearly 6 years in a strong economy. We’ve also spent all of our time focusing on listings. We love working with sellers and as you know, you’ve got to list to last!

Over the past few months, several cities have seen over a 400% increase in inventory and listings aren’t getting many showings. That’s the bad news for those of us that are heavy on listings. There are more expireds than we’ve seen in nearly a decade and I believe that trend will continue.

So how are you capitalizing on it?

What changes are you making?

Are you switching to the clients that will actually get you PAID for the next few years?

I’m personally jumping back into the market extremely heavily in a few different areas of the country. And nearly all of my focus will be on four individual niches. With the SPECIFIC approach I’m using and a very specific type of prospect (meaning I won’t work with the ones you are thinking I would) I’ll be able to make an absolute fortune. Using our proprietary system, I’ll focus on these:

  • Luxury Level Clients (Least affected by economic changes.
  • Expired Sellers (Tons will be available and we can do drastic price reductions)
  • High Net-Worth Investors (They will pay more than the appraised price for nice houses and keep them as rentals.)
  • Motivated Buyers (They’ll own the marketplace by the first of the year)

As we discussed at the Retreat, I’d look for at least $300,000 per year from the specific investor approach we discussed, and you’ll never need to find a home for even ONE DOLLAR under market value because they’ll pay full price!

I have no idea what you’ll earn, but I know if I were you, I’d earn over $1,000,000 per year in commissions just from those 4 niches. For most of the agents I’m meeting with during a Blueprint Day consulting here in a one-on-one fashion, we are generally looking at 3 or 4 of these niches to exploit as best as possible and as quickly as possible.

What about you? How will you adjust?

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