That One Didn't Sell Either!

Let’s discuss the natural progression of most homeowners that want to sell their home.

They interview a few agents, list with the agent that quotes the highest price, then later get beat up to reduce the price or eventually the listing expires.

This is income just WAITING to be grabbed up by you!

The advantage with expired homeowners is simply that they know how much it won’t sell for, giving you leverage on pricing it correctly this time around.

Your personal policy should be to never accept an expired listing unless they reduce the price. Sometimes it only takes $5,000 to $10,000 but you never want to accept it at the same price that the market already said “no” to. Going into the listing presentation with this mindset will allow you to take advantage of the fact that the seller has already experienced disappointment and change of plans due to their unrealistic expectations and now, they can actually list their home with proper recommendations.

So looking at these advantages, I’m sure you realize that having a proprietary approach to getting these appointments is crucial to your continuous monthly production. Your efforts should not be sporadic here. You need a solid, sequential conversion program utilizing multi-media to get the seller to contact you.

An elaborate and profitable approach would include sales letters, postcards, phone scripts, email sequences, Facebook retargeting, recorded educational teleseminars and much more.

For those that are lazy, this seems like a lot of work. For those that have a desire to become wealthy, this sounds like an additional $20,000 or more every month. After all, even if it did take a couple of hours each day, that’s called work. What else would you do? Watch Jerry Springer?

Expired owners pop up every single day. They absolutely want to sell their home. Unfortunately, the advisor they had before obviously wasn’t good enough to get the truth through to them. If you get good at this, it can be a consistent revenue stream that you can depend on month after month.

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