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I took 3 volunteers at the Coaching Retreat to do a quick little autopsy on their real estate business and to plug in some simple changes that can easily give them an additional $200,000 per year.

It wasn’t rocket science. It was SYSTEMS that all of us have access to. The basics are the Foundational Model because that can easily create 2 to 4 additional closings every single month. That must be done with redundancy each and every single week of the year.

But we started digging a little bit deeper into their individual markets where I could find one thing that all three had in common so we could create a “workshop environment” to help all three of them as well as every agent in the room to add a “marketing leg” to their business.

We came up with New Construction Homes. All three agents have New Builds in their area and some of the builders offer higher commissions or bonus income based on volume of clients.

So we talked about what it takes to build a luxury funnel that’s Bulletproof. Have you already started constructing yours? I’m hearing from attendees that they are picking up lots of new construction leads and they are sticking with them due to the “package” that we’ve decided to negotiate with all of the builders.

Based on our conversation in the room, we’ve beaten ALL of the common issues like:

  • Buyer going directly to builder
  • Buyer not seeing value in your representation.
  • Buyer not knowing there are real tangible assets they’ll gain by using you instead of another agent.
  • Buyer dragging their feet due to confusion or not knowing what’s their best move.

We fixed all of those issues by including specific facts in the info package that they will receive from you when they request it from your ads. I’ve tested this customized approach in various markets and I’ve been incredibly impressed with how many closings it generates. Of course we get to list their current house while also representing them on the New Construction home too. Can YOU make $200,000 from it?

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