The Colossal Quarter Challenge!

First, I must say that myself and our entire team are VERY impressed! I love to see agents taking action for themselves and the excitement going on for our big challenge is contagious!

It’s amazing what a little bit of competition can do for us! All of the agents that have taken me up on the challenge are showing that they are motivated and inspired, taking action every day to attract more business.

The email box has all but exploded here from all of the updates, questions and need for specific direction. I’ve been keeping up with it fairly well (I got yelled at for replying to an agent at dinner) because I know how important it is for our members to have the best results of their life during this 90 day period.

So lets do a status check on YOUR business to see how you are coming along with the challenge. Think about the last 7 days and give yourself HONEST answers here. Be sure you only count the last 7 days.

• How many FSBO’s have you physically met with at their home?
• How many Expired homeowners have you met with at their home?
• How many leads did you generate from Facebook ads?
• How many homes have you built your secret list to?
• How many attorneys have you met with for referral business?
• Have you asked for assistance from your sphere and past client list regarding this challenge? (people love to help a cause)
• How many ads have you ran to attract buyers and what media choices are you using to attract them?
• Have you submitted a press release to ensure you are building credibility within the marketplace?
• How many target marketing pieces have been mailed this week?
• Did you send out your next communication to the neighborhoods you are beginning to specialize in?
• Have you had at least two contacts with an engagement series for all old leads that you haven’t converted?

Remember, you only want to count the activities you’ve done over the past 7 days. Also, know that it does NOT take a lot of time to do this stuff (that’s just something the lazy people say as an excuse to do absolutely nothing). Even if you are just doing one hour every morning for lead generation then going on about your regular real estate day, every one of these things can be completed in a week. That’s only one hour every morning.

I recently sent an email about one of our Platinum agents closing $10 million dollars in real estate per month and she has NO assistance. There’s no buyer’s agent, no secretary, no virtual assistant, no nuthin’! So you can’t use the “I’m all by myself” excuse either.

The truth is, if you take action during this Challenge, absolutely everyone wins. You’ll CERTAINLY make more money. The agents that win 1st and 2nd prize will of course grow their business even more but I want you to focus on “bettering your best” Of course we know our biggest competition is really our very own self! If you can make a commitment to get out of your own way, there’s no telling how successful you’ll become. You simply have to stop doing all of the crap that makes no money and focus on the things that create massive change.

Make sure you are committed (or re-committed) to this challenge to create a Colossal Quarter for yourself. We will be discussing some of the big improvements that everyone makes when we all get together at the next Coaching Retreat. Would it be okay for me to talk about the results that YOU earn from your focused effort?
Let me know exactly what you need to get yourself in gear and get you closing more business. I can give you the game plan, the step by step instructions, whatever you need to ensure your success. Just get with us here!

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