The Easiest Closings

No appointment is easier to get a signed agreement from than For Sale By Owners. Even when compared to a referral from a past client, I think you’ll find that with the proper sales presentation and demonstration of extreme value, these FSBO’s are extremely motivated to sell their home right now and you can do a better job than all of the other agents that have been pestering them each day. These folks sign on the dotted line.

We talked last month about where agents are pulling most of their closings from and this is one of the 4 key areas that consistently produces closing after closing. Now for complete clarity here, if your presentation sucks, you’ll get no signature. As a side note, if you think the presentation is good, yet you don’t get a signature, rest assured that it sucks. Just the cold hard facts here.

The purpose of a sales presentation is to create a need for your product. Remember, most agents try to find people that HAVE a need for what you offer. Bad idea. Actually, it’s a horrible idea because nobody wants to give away $15,000 worth of their equity for you to load the home on a special system and then have the calls come to you. They can do that on their own. Your job here is to create a significant interest in the specific service you offer which is MASS marketing in a way that no other licensed agent in your city can offer.

Once you get the offer down, and you know how to present it the right way, you’ll find that these FSBO’s are by far the easiest listing you’ll ever take. They are easy to find and they answer their phone because they are trying to sell their home. It always amounts to an immediate appointment, a quick tour of the home and a sit down at the kitchen table where you can then turn on your marketing knowledge to show them how their home could get massive exposure to the most opportune buyers. This is the type of agent they need to hire. Not some idiot that is going to list it in the MLS and hope that someone sells the place. If you get really good at creating a distinguished difference between what you offer and what the average commodity agent offers, you’ll find that this is an extremely easy decision for the homeowner.

I’ve always said that cost is only a factor in the absence of value. I’m happy to say that out of ALL of my top level coaching members in Platinum and above, they never hear complaints or “push-back” about what they charge. And nobody in town charges more than they do!

One valuable exercise you can do right now is to sit down with a piece of paper and a pen and start to document all of the things you do that is HELPFUL in selling a home for more money, that NOBODY else can do. This is your value proposition and it’s the things you should lean on during every conversation with potential homeowners. If you feel really motivated, you may even want to do this exercise for potential buyers that you may represent. What can buyers get from you, that is HELPFUL to them in finding and securing a home, that virtually no other agent can do?

If you don’t have answers to these questions, you need to fix it immediately. There’s absolutely no sense in going out on appointments if you aren’t going to secure the deal and truth be told, if you are a commodity agent, you’ll be replaced by someone else.

I spend most of my time on coaching calls with agents, working individually on what THEY really need in order to get their presentations solidified as a confident, valuable and trustworthy audition. When it’s done correctly, the prospect sees tremendous value in the service you provide, is shocked that nobody else offers this and wants to sign an agreement to secure your services immediately.

You could create a very long list of different types of buyers and sellers, specific lead generation approaches and even gather a list of old leads in a big pile. But all of those are worthless if you don’t have a true service of value that demonstrates a STEAL of an opportunity even though they have to pay you $10,000 to $30,000 to get you to offer it for their home.

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