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Do you know what happens for the first couple of months after Christmas more often than any other time of the year?


More people get divorced in the 90 days after Christmas than they do at any other time of year. And just a few weeks after filing, they usually find out that they are going to have to sell their home.

After all, it only makes sense, right? 93% of divorces stem from money problems so if both of their incomes combined can’t pay the bills, neither one of them can pay the mortgage on their own. After the attorney files the paperwork and starts diving into the case with custody, assets, real estate, vehicles and more, it’s generally a few weeks in when they tell them that they’ll need to list the house for sale. And if we’ve done our job, we get the referral!

This is the largest season for us in many ways. Not only in traditional real estate, but in life changes as well. We are on the tail end of the highest divorce season and the front end of the marriage season. You should be capturing a LOT of this business through the power of the professional referral.

If you aren’t meeting at least one new attorney contact every single week, the truth is, you simply aren’t trying. Heck, it’s free. We are getting the appointments via email using the traditional Foundational Model.

It’s pretty simple to set up the email template and then just copy and paste it to 30 attorneys per week. It doesn’t even take a full minute to send the email. So doing 30 of them would take you no time at all. We do really well with Tuesday afternoons and Wednesday afternoons on the emails.

Yes, there are still agents doing it via mail too but I prefer email because the attorney opens it on their own, without the help of a secretary. But let’s be safe. Just do both.

This is easy money and it’s one of the many we would classify as “low hanging fruit”. Best of all, the court will require as a decree of their divorce that they sell this asset immediately. Good news for you, if they know who you are!

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