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It’s CRUCIAL that you read this…

The way buyers and sellers find their homes and their agents is MUCH different now than it’s ever been before. If you haven’t made the changes discussed in here, I’ll promise you that your business will not grow.

First and foremost, we are in a digital world. People are literally standing in a Best Buy store, using their phone to look at reviews on an electronic before purchasing. When considering a car purchase, they look at consumer reviews and video blogs about the vehicle before deciding to buy. The information they find online is MORE important to them than the price and terms.

As they go out of town, they depend on restaurant reviews and websites that refer to the food quality, prices, atmosphere and service before they decide where they’ll eat.

When they consider a stockbroker or a doctor or an orthodontist, they first see what they can find online. They do this BEFORE they call the company or BEFORE they reply to an ad, postcard or online offer.

Then when they are considering a real estate agent to sell their property, they are looking for someone that’s good at marketing…So they google you.

What do they find?

For most agents, they don’t find much at all. Frankly, it’s just a couple of random things that pop up showing that you are in fact a real estate agent. That’s it…

I hope they don’t just find the free website your company provides for you. Or a few Zillow links and links with nothing more than basic information about you. I’ll assure you that if you look like all the other agents, you’ll be treated like all the other agents. You will NOT get a call, you will NOT get responses to your ads or marketing pieces and you will mistakenly think the marketing isn’t working.

Let’s be clear about this. If you don’t look very impressive online and if they can’t get a good idea of what you do, why you are different and even the type of personality you have, I don’t care how much marketing you do, you won’t be getting calls anymore.

Old school real estate required them to meet with you to find out who you are and what you offer. Today, they do all that stuff before they bother contacting you from your marketing.

How many people do you think check you out online, see little to nothing that is INTRIGUING to them and simply pass on it, never to call you at all?

Fortunately for us, we get to decide what they find online. We can decide which videos they see, which articles they see, the testimonials, the marketing, the photos, the infographics and the educational content that they’ll stumble across as they begin researching you to see if you are worth their time.

During the month of June, I’m working with a small number of agents to build all of that out and make their online presence look superior to quite literally ALL other competitors in their marketplace. The agents that will fly to Columbus to work with me in a small group Mastermind will get everything built FOR them while they are here including photos, videos and specific ad approaches that we will install for them.

If you expect any of your efforts to work as a real estate agent these days, you have to have a superior online presence. Being average equates to being nothing in our business now and you’ll get little to no responses from your marketing.

Why would they hire an agent to market their home if the agent can’t even market themselves? They just look like the dime-a-dozen agents that get a free company website and random links that pop up. Fix that and watch your conversions EXPLODE with more calls and appointments than you ever thought possible!

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