Most agents don’t know what the most valuable asset they have is so they go about their business the wrong way, constantly looking for “the next big thing” that must be the missing puzzle to all of their successes.

In reality, the best asset you own is your unconverted leads list. I know you may find this hard to believe, but we’ve proven it time and time again.

For most agents, they have a list of about 50 to 200 leads that have just been sitting around, all acquired over the past year or two. They don’t do anything with those prospects and they assume they are all “unmotivated”. In turn, they start looking for more leads. When they had 100, they decided those were all bad so they got 50 more from another source. Then they decided those 50 were bad too so they got another 100 from a different service. Next thing you know, they have 250 leads in a database that they are NOT working correctly, they decide all leads suck and they then sign up for the next super-amazing new age deal. And the same cycle continues.

I’ve actually taken old leads from some of our agent members, installed our marketing campaigns and immediately began squeezing money out of that list. The agent started seeing MULTIPLE closings and they began getting appointments with leads that were up to two years old that they’ve never spoken to before!
See, here’s the thing… When someone is thinking about making a move, they are in fact “just looking”. What else could they possibly do other than just looking? Yet for some reason agents believe this is a bad thing! So when you have prospects that are actively looking at houses, checking things out online and filling out forms and opt-in pages, these are all good signs!

Now keep in mind, that doesn’t mean they are buying a home today. But let me ask you… How long are you willing to work with them to get $10,000 or more? Could I get you to call them again next week if I gave you $10,000? What if you had to call them twice and email them twice and send two postcards, all in the same month? Could I pay you $10,000 for that?

In reality, most agents won’t even do that. This minimal communication I’m talking about here (two calls, two emails, two mailers) is FAR above what 99% of your competition is willing to do.
And no surprise here… If you do it… You get paid! This is where we separate the winners from the losers. When we take your database and install a LEAD CONVERSION CAMPAIGN, lots of interesting things start to happen. Actually three things in particular…

1. Some people say they already moved.

2. Some people say they are ready to move now.

3. Some people unsubscribe or ask you to take them off of your list.

All three of these outcomes are outstanding! Every single one of them is better than just having stagnant leads, sitting in a database, that you never contact and they never contact you.

Yes, if they unsubscribe that’s a good thing. They are never going to work with you so who cares? Yes, finding out they already bought or sold is a great thing too. It’s a punch in the gut which shows you that you should have been following up with them, but again it gets your list moving. I just want them to move forward with me, move back or move away! Anything is better than just sitting there!

If you know how to communicate with these prospects, what to say and what offers to utilize, you can take your unconverted leads list and easily squeeze out $20,000 to $50,000 for extra Christmas money.

Trust me, Lexus is getting ready to start their commercials where the happy adult buys a new Lexus for their spouse and has it sitting in the driveway with a big red bow on it. You have that brand-new car sitting in your database.

Care to build it? Let’s talk about it. Email me.

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