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If you are using our target marketing approach, it’s virtually impossible to mess this up because the numbers always seem to work out FAR better than we anticipate.

As we’ve taught for years, the best way to hit your financial goals is to invest 10% of that gross number into marketing. I’ve never, in 20 years seen that number fail an agent if they do exactly what they are supposed to do.

When you are looking to make $150,000 for the year, investing $15,000 into target marketing can cause you to earn MORE than that $150,000. And remember, that’s only $1,250 per month on average.

Need to make $350,000 for the year, just invest $35,000 and you’ll surpass that when you put those leads into a good conversion funnel.

Now on the flip side, if you are consistently investing at or near zero dollars monthly, you are earning near 10 times that amount too. Zero times Ten is ZERO!

I’ve always found it a little weird when I hear from an agent that’s participating in our calls and even having private coaching calls with me, knows our system inside and out and could probably even teach a few of the topics. Yet when we run the autopsy to find out what they are actually implementingevery month, it comes back as NOTHING. Then next thing you know, they think the Greg Luther program doesn’t work!

Let me tell you, you can research exercise all you want and master the technique of every exercise on the planet. If you don’t do it, it doesn’t work. I don’t care how much you know about Tylenol or how many of them you’ve spent your money on. If you don’t take them, they simply won’t help you when you need them to work. It’s a proven fact that exercise works, medicine works and the Greg Luther program works. But if you are busy learning and not busy DOING, you make no money.

When you don’t believe in your own marketing, you’ll simply look at it as an expense, won’t do it and will then bitch that it isn’t working! We can easily hold ourselves accountable to this implementation by totaling up our actual paid receipts every month and take an accurate look at our conversion approach.


I want to make sure you understand this… ANYONE can earn a six figure income with the very system you have access to as long as you take action and have some “accountability checkpoints” within your daily actions. I’ve often seen that most agents really need me to personally hold them accountable to whatever goals they’ve set for themselves.

Why? Because they get in their own way every day! They struggle with distractions and lack of productivity and consistently find themselves doing things that aren’t really even needed at all. We call it “busy work”. Heck, they catch themselves doing housework during the business day! These things are easily fixable and if you have somebody to hold you accountable, the revenue just starts to flow in.

But you’ll never even get that far if you don’t invest the money needed to create revenue for yourself. You certainly don’t think it’s just going to happen on it’s own do you? I’m confident you don’t think that THIS year is the year all of your past clients will sell their house and send you 2 or 3 referrals right?

Your business won’t expand until you make it happen. With absolutely any agent in America that’s consistently profitable, you’ll see that their marketing is consistent as well. They depend on it. And they’ll tell you that if they ever stopped doing that marketing, they’d starve to death within a couple of months because it’s the lifeblood of their entire business model.

If you need some help with creating your blueprint, let me know. It’s what we do.

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