What do you think of when you hear about INVESTORS? It may excite you but the truth is, it probably conjures up negative thoughts and a touch of heartburn.

Let me fix that for you. I’m not talking about discount home buyers. I’m referring to investors that will do what you say, pay OVER asking price and keep the house forever as a rental home. Does that help?

Do you remember during the economic mess that began in 2008 when your buyers kept getting out by all cash investors? Yeah…They were paying MORE than asking price. That’s who we’ve been targeting lately and the good news I have for you is…its working!

See, here’s the thing… You can make a LOT of money by attracting clients that will buy 2 or 3 homes from you each and every year.

Now to be clear, I’m not referring to the idiots that think they know how investing works and they wanna do some kind of weird new approach. I’m talking about regular families that would love to start a small portfolio of properties based on YOUR advice and recommendations.

The key to your success here will be for you to truly be an ADVISOR rather than just an agent. Have a program, have a system and have the authority to tell them exactly what to do.

When developing your offer, you need to think about their needs. As an example… “I see you have two young kids here. How many years will it be before they are in college? Can I show you a really quick way to get their college completely paid for with nothing out of your pocket? You know, if you invest in two rental properties per year for the next few years, here’s what that looks like 15 years from now…”

As you can see here, we aren’t selling houses. We aren’t even selling rental real estate in this conversation. We are selling a SOLUTION and DESIRED OUTCOME.

Best of all, if you set this up correctly, you can do this as a membership where they pay a monthly fee to receive access to this system and you can then invest all of the membership money into marketing that will attract more homes for them.

As an example, let’s say you utilize their monthly membership revenue to mail to 6 desirable EDDM routes with the “I have a buyer” campaign.

You’ll end up with DOZENS of sellers. Some will be sold to your investors (you get both sides of each transaction) and others won’t be a good fit for the investors, so you will simply take their listing and market it like you do with any other listing.

Either way you look at it, this is an AMAZING system that funds itself and the clients actually pay for all of the marketing so that you can scale your business up quickly!

I’ll be spending a lot of time on this at the Coaching Retreat next month and you’ll get to see a breakdown of how I personally used this approach to go from “dead-broke” to massively successful as a real estate agent years ago. I’ve created it, perfected it and duplicated it over and over. I’ve even done investor seminars all over the country where we had “newbies” showing up, having no idea how rental real estate worked so we could teach them our way of creating a portfolio for themselves.

The truth is, your business could scale MUCH faster if you had unlimited marketing dollars. An approach like this can make it happen for you rapidly and you can collect some significant checks due to the fact that you can control both sides of the transaction more often than not.

This is often referred to as the Pretty House business. We are offering nice homes at full market value.

Be sure you are registered for the Oct 23-24 event in Los Angeles. It’s free for members to attend and we can make some BIG improvements to your business!

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