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I have some really good news for you… You really don’t need a website anymore as a real estate agent. 

Frankly, the dang thing wasn’t attracting any business for you anyway. But they are more useless now than they ever were before. 

Who knows how many tens of thousands of dollars you’ve wasted on websites and maintenance and creation of a new website, etc. And now, they are just as useless as business cards which is to say that there’s no reason to have them at all. 

Sure, we may occasionally use a weebly website or something because it’s free but I can be the first to tell you that most versions of a website and purposes of a website are DEAD for real estate agents. 

There’s two things that really matter for us which is SOCIAL and SEARCH. 

If you’ve watched me lately, and watched some of our top members, you’ve seen that there’s a completely different way of communicating. And it’s working better than we ever imagined! Gone are the days that someone wants to go to a static website to fill in their information for a pesky salesman to call them. 

Last week, I was at a conference with 7,400 people in attendance and the speaker (an extremely well known, famous marketer) said “you can see my contact information here which is just my cell phone number. You can text me any time you want. But do not call me and I don’t even use email anymore as I just disconnected it. I also don’t have an office number anymore because people just wanna talk to me. So just shoot me a text and I can help you out”. 

I sat there in shock. 

The way we attract our leads and the way we communicate with prospects has rapidly evolved, like literally in the past 6 months. I can’t stress enough that you must change with the times or the market will immediately make you irrelevant. It’s already happened to several agents so I’m going to fix that for you on our coming group calls and the live Coaching Retreat April 16-17. Call my office right now to reserve your spot for free at 614-582-3912. 

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