Video Funnels are Killin’ it!

We’ve been getting lots of feedback from the agents that had myself and my team build a video funnel for them.

As you know, I did an online video interview with dozens of members and we created an entire marketing funnel around that content. It’s all designed to create trust, authority and credibility for you within your marketplace. It’s to be used not only to convert your hundreds of old unconverted leads but also any new ones that you have coming in.

Nicole has spoken to more agents than I have about their results but we’ve both heard from agents that are now working with prospects that were previously unconverted. They’ve dumped their old leads (even three years old) as well as all of their new prospects into the automated funnel and had great results. Some have had appointments with sellers and they said they really liked this agent because she was featured on that TV show. NOTE: It’s not a real TV show!

I’m personally excited to see everyone putting these in place with the New Year. Many are beefing up their ad spend and filling the funnel with more and more leads which of course increases your number of closings. Basic real estate 101 says the more qualified and motivated leads you are generating, the more closings you attract.

Remember that when you are panning for gold, there’s a LOT more rocks in your pan than there are gold nuggets. Keep sifting. Again, the more pans full of creek bed that you sift, the more gold nuggets you’ll find.

To be clear, every agent in America gets more rocks than they get gold nuggets. They don’t let that bother them. It’s to be expected. But there’s a very important thing you need to do here…


They’ll clog up your system, they slow your process and they weigh you down! Make lots and lots of offers to your prospects so that the rocks disappear (unsubscribe) and you can get a better target with the gold nuggets that are interested in what you have to say. Your video funnel will sift and sort for you so that the best ones come to the surface.

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