We Have a Big Secret Plan!

I’m doing a small mastermind group at my new house in Tampa on August 1st and 2nd. It looks like all of the attendees will be agents interested in the luxury level markets within their own area.

I’ve limited this two day mastermind to just 9 agents because my dining room table seats 10 and I’ll need a seat for myself!

The seats were filled up immediately with 8 of the 9 already spoken for. (one left at time of publishing).

You are probably aware that I’m always involved in a few masterminds myself with various leaders around the country and beyond. I love learning techniques that can help all of our members and upon learning these new things, I share it with as many agents within our group as I can.

As an example, just 6 weeks ago I flew out to Rancho Santa Fe, CA for a high level intensive mastermind which had myself and 5 other attendees. Every single person there was earning over $1,000,000 per year and the knowledge I absorbed over those two days was truly something I can’t put a price tag on. I’m glad I was able to share my marketing and conversion ideas with them and I’m even more excited about the things they taught me. At $36,000 per attendee, I can honestly say I got my investment back in under 30 days.

My goal with our upcoming mastermind meeting is to create significant and immediate income improvements for everyone in attendance. And fortunately for the agents, I’ve agreed to do this one event for a MUCH lower investment than we would usually see.

As weird as it may sound, one of the most motivational things I’ve ever witnessed (for me personally) is the LIFESTYLE that successful people lead. This is especially true when you know their back-story about their original struggle, bankruptcy, foreclosures, etc. When you see how they made that big turn-around and overcame obstacles, it becomes CLEAR as to what you need to do next. I dealt with those things myself and I always felt lost and confused as to how to jumpstart my business. Mentors made it happen for me.

The house that I went to in Rancho Santa Fe, CA was approx. a $30,000,000 home with two Rolls Royce cars and absolutely everything they’d ever need in life. The most important part though is simply that 4 years ago, this guy was bankrupt and the government seized everything he owned, including his personal belongings.

As real estate agents, it’s easier for us to create fast turn arounds than it is for ANYONE else in the country. After all, even if you are $60,000 behind on bills, you can literally be out of debt in 60 days with the right plan.

Everyone’s story is different. But you’ll stay in EXACTLY the same place if you don’t make some changes. Time doesn’t fix it. You need to surround yourself with smart people and walk away with a plan. If you’d like to see the info on the mastermind at the mansion, let me know at support@gregluthercoaching.com.

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