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Let’s get real for a minute. Your “motivation” means nothing. Your New Year’s Resolution will wear off very soon. But this year, I want you to be DRIVEN.

I want you to create and implement a REAL game plan that provides a substantial income for you in 2019.

No more excuses. No more distractions. No more standing in your own way.
This year involves strict schedules and well thought out, productive days. Most importantly, you must have a solid marketing campaign that you implement each and every day.
The only thing more important than going to a listing appointment is your marketing agenda. The only thing more important than going to a closing is your marketing agenda. The only thing more important than a buyer meeting is your marketing agenda.

That’s what keeps the deal flow happening month after month. Unfortunately, we get so stuck in the processing of our current deals and concern for immediate money that it’s all we focus on each day. Then when we finally get the property closed and we look up, we have NOTHING in the pipeline! So while you thought you really, really needed that closing this month, the truth is that next month will bring in absolutely nothing. That’s a bad position to be in and it happens simply because you weren’t prospecting and keeping your pipeline full.

The only way you’ll create a better outcome for yourself is to stay militant on initiating your marketing this year. There’s no question that there will be thousands and thousands of closings in your marketplace but you have to get a small handful of them to go with you every month!

The majority of agents could best describe their marketing campaigns as random and sporadic, mostly out of desperation. That’s a bad way to start ANY campaign because you really need the revenue, rather than just knowing it’s part of the process to hit your number each month.

Your goal for 2019 is to create an outstanding marketing agenda and STICK TO IT so that you’ll ensure consistent deal flow during every single month of the year. There are several niches and specific approaches you can utilize (all available on the member’s site) that will allow you to hit your goals.

This isn’t tough to do. It’s simply DISCIPLINE. Anything you focus on every single day will get better, even with extremely MINIMAL effort.

Just do 10 push ups every day for the year and it makes a difference. Just cut out 300 calories every day for the year and it makes a difference. It’s no different for your real estate business. Get at it!

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