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I know how easy it is to want to reinvent the wheel. You have a Ferrari all shined up and sitting in your driveway but instead of starting that thing up and pushing the pedal to the metal, you’d rather keep looking at other cars.

But what would happen if you’d just open the garage door and start using this thing? I’ll bet you’d be so busy and have so much adrenaline flowing that you wouldn’t have time to look at all that other crap.

I’ve always found it weird that we are most attracted by whichever system we find that we understand the least. It’s like our brain tells us that THIS is the missing key you’ve been needing the whole time. Meanwhile you actually have a sweet Ferrari sitting in your garage that is better, faster and more desirable than all the crap we are looking at out there.

Every time I talk to a coaching member, they start asking me questions about tough and confusing marketing campaigns and they tell me they’ve spent the last week working on trying to figure it out non-stop every day. I then ask them how many FSBO’s they met this week and they say NONE! Then I ask them how many expireds they met and they say NONE! Then I ask how many high producing attorneys are referring clients to them and they say NONE!

Meanwhile, they are trying to figure out how to create an API Integration so that Facebook leads are automatically ported into Infusionsoft and Zapier sends them an instant notification of the new lead.

What in the hell are you talking about? WHY?

You can be sitting at the kitchen table of someone that wants to sell their home RIGHT NOW and you are trying to figure out things that you don’t understand because it seems “cool”?

Look, top producers are redundant. They don’t try to be exciting. They don’t like putting all their eggs into a basket that’s brand new because they know there are tweaks that need made and they need to have consistent revenue before they skate out to that thin ice.

It’s all about having that foundation in place. Why would you start putting up the frame to a house and call in the plumbers and electricians to start adding their craft to what you are building when you KNOW you are building that perfect blueprint on a mud pit? No, you have to build a solid foundation first so it can support the weight of whatever you are trying to create.

So let’s talk about what you are NOT doing. If you aren’t consistently closing at least 3 clients every month, you are NOT doing the Foundational Model to the best of it’s ability and you are NOT spending some time each day tweaking things to get them working smoothly. Additionally, you are not “too busy” doing all the other crap because whatever all the other crap is, it’s not generating closings so you can just stop doing it.

No really, just stop. It’s not profitable.

I can’t believe all the people that aren’t even closing two deals per month, yet they believe they are too busy to make real money. That’s funny. Yet there are agents doing 6 and 7 and 8 per month that just close down completely to go on vacation for a month. And no, they don’t have a huge team to handle anything. Why would they? It’s only 6 transactions. They simply make sure their marketing is going out consistently to generate consistent closings.

You get paid from taking profitable actions and you struggle when you are wasting time with non-profitable tasks. As the saying goes, if you don’t have an assistant, you are the assistant. If you don’t pay someone $15 per hour, you’ve accepted the job at $15 per hour.

Stop looking for new things and focus on driving the system you have, which can easily put you at several hundred thousand dollars per year. It’s time to fire up the Ferrari!


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