Where Are The Best Buyer Leads Coming From Right Now?

As the market begins to shift again and you focus more and more on buyers, it’s important to know where to get the highest quality prospects.

You already know that buyers are MUCH easier to attract and much easier to work with. They are starting to see more and more selection available so representing them is getting easier every month. Back about 6 months ago when everything was selling quickly, it was nearly impossible to get a home secured for a buyer. Today, there’s more inventory and there’s additional home listings popping up every day. Best of all, you can use the “I Have A Buyer” campaign to find the listing yourself, thus getting both sides of the transaction.

The best leads being acquired right now are being snatched up from the new Facebook Lead Ads campaigns. As you saw at the Coaching Retreat, we had agents all over the conference room that are generating literally HUNDREDS of leads and dozens of closings from this approach and they are averaging under three dollars per lead.

This newest approach has been working so well that several of our Platinum members have asked us to turn off a few of their ads because they’ve been swarmed with buyers and after they get a few of them “in contract” on homes, they spend a lot of their time getting them to closing and can’t keep up with 8 to 15 leads per day coming in, needing to meet with all of them that they speak with over the phone.

We even heard from a couple of agents that are generating so many leads, they’ve had to sell them to other agents within their office because they can’t keep up with the calls and follow-up. This is a good problem to have.

This won’t happen for you unless you turn on the lead generation that’s working today. Buyers are easy. They are willing to work with you as their agent as long as you can build trust, credibility and authority. We as a group offer so many benefits to a buyer that they can’t help but to meet with you and work with you exclusively.

With that in mind, if you don’t have a solid offer for buyers, you need to brush up on your presentation. There’s no sense in attracting prospects if you don’t have an outstanding and compelling offer to share with them. Though the buyers are easier to attract than sellers, you still need to have a compelling offer. Otherwise, in today’s world, they’d simply prefer working with the listing agent.

It’s also important to note that regardless of current market conditions or recent trends that we see, it’s always possible to make “good money” as an agent. Remember, when it’s wise to attract buyers, we have lots and lots of offers for them.

• Best Bidder Campaign

• Dream Home Finder Guarantee

• Facebook Ads

• Secret List of Homes

• Niche Buyer Marketing

• Craigslist Ads

• Move Up/Move Down Offers

• Specific Niche Sales Letters

That’s just a short list of some of the offers we can put in front of buyers to generate a steady flow of leads. Right now, Facebook is the mother of all offers but virtually all of these can put a lot of prospective buyers in front of you.

It doesn’t matter if you handle the clients yourself, you use a showing agent or if need be, a buyer’s agent to work with them…Just get the money.

Count the number of closings you are getting specifically from buyers each month and see if you can put a marketing campaign together that will allow you to double or triple those results each and every month throughout the coming year. The advertisements you start running right now will begin attracting closings for early 2017 so don’t drag your feet here!


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