Why Are You In Real Estate?

Far too often we see that most of the wind has left the sails. Agents aren’t motivated, they don’t feel the need to JUMP out of bed each day and they don’t have much inspiration.

What about you?

If you think back to when you first got licensed, you probably had visions of lots of money, lots of freedom and the ability to do much more for our world. As life gets in the way, we start to fall into a bad state of mind that causes us to shrink our original ambitions. I see it all the time with what I do and the agents I talk to. Generally, they need a major wake up call. Unfortunately, a small nudge or poke won’t do. It takes more of a swift kick in the pants and a little bit of shaking.

Truth be told, we are in the greatest industry in the world. There’s a lot of personal satisfaction to be had in helping someone with the biggest transaction of their life. It’s a great feeling when we can steer them away from problems and pitfalls and it’s satisfying to receive their praise at the closing table. Needless to say, it’s also incredibly profitable when we succeed. Each individual commission check is much higher than any check most Americans will ever see in their entire life.

Unfortunately, our business also involves a lot of momentum. When things are going really well, we feel like we can conquer the world. But when they are going bad, boy is it tough to deal with. Many people call this the “roller-coaster of income”. The only way to fix this is to have consistency within your lead generation and lead conversion. If we are too focused on one part of the business, the other one slips away.
I’ve always equated this with running your own McDonalds. I’m sure everyone will agree it is much more complicated to sell real estate than it is to run a McDonalds. But let’s say you are working the drive-thru. Who is cleaning the tables in the dining area? If you are cooking hamburgers in the back, who is taking out the trash? You see, even a burger joint needs multiple people to operate efficiently.

As an owner operator yourself, you have to understand that you’ll drive yourself crazy trying to do it all as one person. The problem is that whatever task you are doing a good job on, it is causing you to completely ignore the other tasks. I know, I know, I know… Every small business owner thinks they can’t afford help. That’s why their income remains so miniscule. And that’s why they NEVER get any bigger. They are allowing their present situation to dictate their future.

I’ll encourage you to remember why you got in this business in the first place. And most importantly, maybe it’s time for someone to blow some wind in your sales and get you to pick up the pace. There’s all kinds of money being transferred throughout your town. Real estate commissions are being paid every single day within just a few miles of you. But YOUR message has to be heard and YOUR business has to operate at a peak level.

Yes, you should dream big. But you should act much bigger. Get motivated and put in a FULL day’s work with profitable activities. Get at it!

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