The Holiday Season is here. And for the more affluent clients in your marketplace, this is the month that they’ll spend RIDICULOUS amounts of money.

They’ll buy jewelry and trips and cosmetic surgery and vehicles and even houses.

Is YOUR offer in front of them?

Lexus, Cadillac and Mercedes know that this is the month they’ll sell lots of cars and their customers are buying on emotion, rather than logic. These companies spend millions of dollars on television, radio, print and online ads to get their product in front of the prospects that they know will be spending big bucks for the Holidays.

Every day I see ads from Lexus promoting their December to Remember campaign. I’ve spoken to many women that have openly discussed how amazing they’d feel if they ever got a new car with that huge bow on the hood like they show in all their ads. It creates an emotional interest, not so much in the ownership of the product, but the feeling of success they’ll feel when they can afford to buy such a big “gift” for themselves that they can then back up with logic because of course they need a car to drive, a house to live in, etc.

In the affluent marketplace, nothing would make a Husband feel more of a provider than to tell his Wife that she should go pick out a new home for Christmas.

The scientific proof is there. These people are BUYING stuff this month. They are INVESTING this month. And you need to have an offer in front of them. You could even make a case for WHY they should do this for their family, even if they weren’t thinking about it.

You are in a unique position that most agents aren’t wise enough to know that they should be marketing to these prospects. Luxury car dealers all know about this and it’s tough to beat the competition in that industry. But the luxury house dealers (that’s a cool name huh?) don’t do any marketing at all. As a matter of fact, many of them take the month off or leave town for extended periods of time.

Will you capitalize on that?

I’ve found that a good offer letter will usually work better with middle to upper level priced homes than it will in the ultra-luxury houses. Remember, if they already have a luxury home they probably won’t move up to a larger one. But those in the higher tier middle priced homes are PRIME for moving to a trophy home.

Get yourself a letter together. Pull on their emotional and ego strings. Then get them to call you to discuss the possibility of at least test driving a couple of houses. Once you get them out there looking, the rest is easy. Send it via EDDM and get some clients!

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