So many agents are dying a slow and agonizing death. And they are doing it to themselves. They get further and further in debt each month and there’s virtually no end in sight in the form of consistent closings. Then after a couple of months, a past client or referral throws them a bone and they get the false hope that things are turning around.

NOPE, your business still sucks my friend. That agent just got excited for a second, that’s all. Then right back to the same struggle.

Years ago, I had a very successful person tell me that never in his life was his bank account overdrawn. It was simply under deposited!

Maybe you should think that way too. You are never overdrawn. You are just under deposited. If you’ll think this way, you’ll fix the RIGHT side of the equation rather than the wrong side.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people start trying to simply “stop the bleeding” by lowering their expenses. The truth is, you can never increase your income by decreasing your expenses. You are just going to bleed out a slower and more painful death. Truth be told, you’ll likely decrease your INCOME by decreasing your expenses because there’s a significant chance you’ll cut the wrong things.

You do NOT have a problem with expenses. That is a symptom of the real problem. You have a problem with INCOME. That is the one and only thing you need to fix. I’m dead serious when I tell you that you could go out tomorrow and finance two Mercedes cars and be just fine by selling one additional home per month, leaving literally thousands of dollars still left over for you to play with.

For some reason, the majority of the population isn’t “hard wired” for success. They are hard wired for struggle and survival and many of the decisions they make are geared towards making that remain the norm.

So to be clear, switching brokerages is a bad idea. Switching cell phone plans is a bad idea. Cutting off your advertising or your coaching or your part time assistant is all BAD ideas. All you need to do is fix your income. You are simply under deposited.

You can cut and carve and slice your expenses all you want. It’s just going to slow the bleeding and you’ll die a slower, more agonizing, sleepless, miserable ending death. It’s SOOOO much easier to just increase your income to cause a lot more cash to be flowing all around you.

You can keep treating the symptoms or you can treat the real issue. The symptoms are expenses. The actual sickness is a lack of income. Fix that and you lose the symptoms.

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