You Only Have Three Options

As a real estate agent, you are already aware that the market is ALWAYS changing.

I hear feedback all the time from agents that say the biggest reason they’ve been involved with us for over a decade is we keep them AHEAD of changes and adjustments within the market. They are able to tweak their business model and grow their income regardless of changes within the marketplace.

One of the things I point out as often as possible is that you have only THREE options in regards to your business.

1. Repair

2. Improve

3. Replace

You’ve met lots of agents that made a fortune in short sales and REO’s then as that market tanked, they tried to repair that business rather than replace it. That thing was a dead man walking. They should’ve replaced MUCH faster than most people actually did.

Fortunately, our members were way ahead of that curve and they got their replacement model in place rather than riding that wave until it fizzled into the “nothing” that it is today.

For some people, they have a decent approach, it just needs refined and improved. Most agents have nearly a dozen different approaches and all of them feature ZERO follow up.

Sound familiar?

Poor follow up and a lack of quality content are really the biggest crutches for most licensed agents. They don’t follow up at all and when they do, they don’t really have a good offer. They are following up by calling and saying “Hi, I was just following up with you”. LOL… This is the fastest way to experience miserable results.

As you roll into the New Year, you need to take inventory of everything you do and decide if it needs Repaired, Improved or Replaced. All three are valid options. The one option you should never consider is leaving it the way it is or “waiting” for something to magically change on its own. That approach will cause you to wake up a decade later in the exact same position you were in before.

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